‘The Shape Of Water’ Won Best Picture At The Oscars & Twitter Couldn't Be Happier

After last year's show-stealing debacle, all eyes were on the final category at Sunday night's 90th Academy Awards. Luckily, there was no envelope mix-up, and The Shape Of Water took home Best Picture at the 2018 Oscars at the ceremony on March 4. Interestingly enough, the Oscars brought back Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to hand out the award — a redemption of sorts. And when the moment came, they correctly called out this year's winning movie — and Twitter rejoiced.

It's worth noting that this year's Best Picture nominees included some tough competition:

  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Darkest Hour
  • Dunkirk
  • Get Out
  • Lady Bird
  • Phantom Thread
  • The Post
  • The Shape Of Water
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

To accept the award, Guillermo del Toro took his place at the microphone and gave a heartwarming speech. The director said,

"Growing up in Mexico as a kid, I was a big admirer of foreign film. Foreign films like E.T... And a few weeks ago, Steven Spielberg said, 'If you find yourself there, if you find yourself at the podium, remember that you are part of our legacy. That you are part of our world of filmmakers and be proud of it.' I am very, very proud."

The camera panned to a smiling Spielberg in the audience as del Toro continued, "I want to dedicate this to every young filmmaker. The youth that is showing us how things are done. Really, they are. In every country in the world."

In case that's not enough to make you smile, there's more. Del Toro said,

"I was a kid enamored with movies growing up in Mexico. I thought this could never happen. It happens. And I want to tell you... You can do it. This is a door. Kick it open and come in."

Overall, the movie took home four awards in total: Best Director (for del Toro), Best Production Design, Best Original Score, and Best Picture. It was nominated for 13 Academy Awards overall.

When winning Best Director earlier in the evening, del Toro's speech also won over fans on the internet. As Deadline reported, he told the crowd,

"I am an immigrant, like Alfonso and Alejandro my compadres. I think the greatest thing our industry does is erase the lines in the sand, we should keep doing that as the world tries to make them deeper."

Using his platform to speak out about immigration and representation, del Toro was able to send a strong message to Hollywood and beyond. And given the political climate right now, that couldn't be more important.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While everyone had their individual picks for which movie deserved to take home the ultimate prize, fans on Twitter overall seemed thrilled to see The Shape of Water win big.

Fans also applauded del Toro using his platform to speak out about social issues.

Even Lady Bird's Greta Gerwig, who competed against del Toro in the Best Director category (and was the only woman to do so), couldn't help but voice her appreciation for the winning film. The camera panned to her, as she mouthed, "I love him." And naturally, fans on Twitter were here for this mutual support — even if they did feel like Gerwig got snubbed. Basically, she was the definition of a "good sport."

At the end of the day, your favorite movie from 2017 may not have taken home the Best Picture trophy. But considering there was no major mix-up this year, that's a major relief in itself. And based on the overall Twitter reaction — and even Gerwig's GIF-able joy — it's hard to argue with The Shape of Water's victory.