The Signs That Bryan & Rachel Are Engaged Are Impossible To Ignore

ABC/Rodrigo Varela

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo have had a magnetic chemistry from night one on The Bachelorette. While some fans have questioned the genuineness of the smooth-talking doctor, it's hard to deny that Rachel has been falling hard for Bryan. Now that the show is wrapping up with Neil Lane waiting in the hills of Spain to provide a sparkly ring for Rachel, here are all the signs that Bryan ends up with Rachel on The Bachelorette.

Fans have strong opinions when it comes to The Bachelor and Bachelorette. They root for some suitors with passionate GIFs and tweets (Dean, Peter) and actively dislike others (*cough* Bryan *cough*). But ultimately, the lead must make the decision he or she wants to make, because they're the one that has to then be in a relationship with the person they choose. Thus far, Rachel has proven herself to be an intelligent, self-aware, and decisive Bachelorette. She's asked the right questions when needed, hasn't second guessed her decisions, and follows her gut in each stage. Whoever she picks will definitely be the best fit for her, even if Bachelor Nation doesn't approve. And, they may not, because I believe Rachel's journey seems to be leading to a Bryan proposal. Here's why:

1. It Was Magic From Night One

Bryan got the extremely competitive first impression rose and many intense kisses on night one in the mansion. While much of falling in love is getting to know the other person, it's also an immediate feeling. Rachel let Bryan know that she felt a connection the moment she met him saying,

"From the moment you walked out the limo, I felt something that was unexplainable and I just connected with. I don't know if it's because you told me I was going to be in trouble. I don't know if it's because you spoke to me in Spanish but there was something there. And then I loved how you just took control of the conversation, how direct you were, how you told me about you and what exactly it is that you want and why you're here. And that meant a lot to me. And you sealed it with a kiss, so you know that made all the difference."

This speech that Rachel gave Bryan was just upon meeting him for one night. Clearly the connection was instant.

2. She's Ready For The Ring

The final three men all have a strong connection with our lovely Bachelorette and seem like wonderful guys. But, Bryan just seems the most ready to put a ring on Rachel's finger with a full understanding of what that means for the future. His career stability, age, and headspace all line up with Rachel's desires. Rachel repeated often that she doesn't want to leave The Bachelorette with a boyfriend, she wants to be engaged — Bryan can do that for her.

3. Rachel Defended Bryan On Twitter

A controversial moment from the penultimate episode was when Bryan appeared to get up and leave the table after Rachel's family questioned him about why he liked her. When asked about the moment on Twitter, Rachel responded that Bryan had actually gotten up to meet her father. The edit made it seem like Bryan simply got nervous and bolted, which fans made sure to voice their disdain about. Bryan defended himself on Instagram and Rachel defended him on Twitter. This seems like the move of a woman standing up for her man.

4. There's So Much Chemistry

Let's not make this one too complicated, Bryan and Rachel have an insane amount of chemistry. Their attraction and compatibility jumps off the television screen; just imagine it in person. At the end of the day, Rachel may just go with how she feels, and she clearly feels a lot for Bryan.

5. She Sees Her Future With Him

On their first date, Rachel said was that when she looked at Bryan she "saw her future." While the other guys may give her butterflies and laughter, she felt an immediate pull to Bryan and a possible life together.

6. The Other Suitors Are Indecisive

Peter and Rachel have had a connection since early on in the show. However, the closer the show gets to wrapping up, the more it seems that Rachel and Peter aren't on the same page. This is nobody's fault: Peter's opinion about the timeline of the show is realistic and Rachel's desire for a bigger commitment is respectable. But the combination of these two things creates a problem: Rachel and Peter may not want the same thing.

7. Bryan Wants The Others To Watch Out

Nick Viall wore a yellow wristband for most of his season on The Bachelor. Turns out there was a matching wristband that Vanessa Grimaldi also wore, a token from their first date together. The two ended up engaged by the end of the show, so matching bling is a literal representation of connection. Bryan and Rachel got matching watches in Italy, and the two have sported them together in front of the other men. First comes fancy watches, then comes a ring — probably.

8. She Was Skeptical Too

Rachel was the first person to think Bryan was a smooth talker who was "trouble." Fans have questioned Bryan's intentions, especially as his past reality TV experience has reemerged, but so has she. Rachel questions him when she believes it's "too good to be true," but Bryan seemingly proves himself to her again and again. (He's still there, after all.)

9. A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

If a picture tells a thousand words, a look can tell a million. Rachel just has love written all over her face when she's with Bryan. Whether they're jumping off buildings together or driving in fancy cars, this is a couple in love. When Bryan told Rachel he was falling in love with her, her eyes betrayed her feelings as the glee took over. Rachel, in an amazing way, doesn't have the best poker face. Her time with Bryan clearly makes her giddy.

10. And One MAJOR Spoiler...

Click out now if you don't want to be spoiled. Rachel has been doing bucketloads of press for The Bachelorette. She's become a pro at avoiding spoilers and sticking to a vague script. Her Bachelor friends have also been on a mini press tour for her season, giving outlets the inside scoop on how their friend is doing, but they're not all as well media trained. Astrid Loch, who was on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor with Rachel, went on ET Live to talk about the season and may have accidentally dropped a major hint.

When asked about Rachel's engagement parties Astrid said, "They are going to Dallas to have a party there. He gets to meet all of her friends and non-Bachelor people too. And then they're going to Miami after that to have an engagement party there too." Bryan is from Miami, and it seems like if Rachel's celebrating her engagement in Miami, she most likely chose Bryan. And, if that's true, fans should respect her choice. After all, it's her life.