Why Soapply Is The Hand Soap The Wing & The NYT Keeps Sink-Side

The soap on your bathroom counter probably isn't something you put much thought into — it's just there, and when it's out, you buy more. Simple as that. The female-led team at NYC natural soap start-up Soapply sees it differently. They're on a mission to deliver safe, clean-ingredient soap to your doorstep, and make an impact on sanitation and hygiene around the world while they're at it.

Soapply is making a squeaky-clean splash in the soap market with their all-natural formula made from food-grade organic oils and no synthetic fragrances or dyes. Their soap includes coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, rosemary extract, and aloe, so it's just as moisturizing as it is cleansing. Plus, it looks trendy on any countertop, packaged in a minimalist recycled glass bottle that reads, "This is more than soap."

And it is more than soap. Founder Mera McGrew had the idea for Soapply when she was living and working in Africa, where she learned that 1.7 million children every year die from diseases that can be prevented by handwashing with soap. So every bottle sold helps fund up to $10 worth of impact through water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives in Tigray, Ethiopia, according to the brand.

The do-good bottle has popped up on bathrooom counters at The New York Times, Lululemon, and badass women's social club The Wing, but it isn't exclusive to big-name spots. The subscription box delivery model means it lands right at your doorstep to make it as easy as possible to use luxury soap with high-quality ingredients and an important company mission.

Hand Soap, $25, Soapply

You can order it as a one-time deal, or sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly subscription for slight discounts (if you get a monthly sub, you'll pay $20 for 12 months up-front, as opposed to the usual $25 for one bottle). There are also gifting options — I'd just recommend making it clear to the giftee that it's not a passive aggressive suggestion for them to wash their hands more. (Unless, of course, it is.)

Or, just gift it to yourself. Need to picture it? Here's what it could look like on your bathroom counter.

OK, that's Lululemon, but you get the inspiration. Here's what the box it comes in looks like.

Once it's unboxed, leave it on your bathroom or kitchen not only as, y'know, soap, but also as a conversation starter.

Chic and important.