What 'The Last Jedi's Red Letters Could Mean

by Allie Gemmill

It's an exciting day in the Star Wars fandom now that we have learned the official title of the Rian Johnson-directed installment. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was embraced by fans, but it also raised some big questions. Namely, who is "The Last Jedi" referring to? There are a few options that instantly spring to mind, but there's a fan query that is verging on fan theory about what the red letters in The Last Jedi could mean. The color of the Star Wars logo letters could indicate not only what to expect about the final film but also confirm that Rey is actually "The Last Jedi." Yeah, I said it and here's why.

It is entirely within the realm of possibility that "The Last Jedi" in question is Luke Skywalker. That's the first instinct and it make sense, considering Luke is literally the only trained Jedi still alive in the continuing Star Wars storyline. While Rey and Kylo Ren have previously displayed their abilities to channel the Force, they are neither trained in the Jedi ways nor are the referred to as Jedi. So perhaps "The Last Jedi" is Luke.

That's all fine and dandy until you log onto Twitter. The Star Wars Twitter-verse is agog over the meaning behind the red letters of Star Wars. Some users, like Preeti Chhibber, immediately honed in on those pesky red letters. Her all-caps plea to understand the meaning of this wildness in aesthetic caught my attention and now I'm over here wondering if perhaps the red could indicate a prevailing theme in the film.

Red, in the Star Wars universe, usually indicates evil. Darth Maul's skin, Kylo's lightsaber, and Darth Vader's lightsaber: all of them red. In general, red can indicate something bad. To have red outlining the words "Star Wars," when it only typically appears in the titles of the final installments of the two previous trilogies, could indicate that "The Last Jedi" in question goes to The Dark Side.

This brings up the next question: who could possibly go to The Dark Side and qualify to be a Jedi? Luke's a bit set in his ways. After 40 years, he's not going to get pulled in to The Dark Side, despite the fact that it's a genetic predisposition (remember: his dad is Darth Vader). I'm more inclined to think that this title — the red letters and the term "The Last Jedi" — refer to Rey.

Rey is young, has no lightsaber of her own (which typically turns a color indicating your relationship to The Force), and raised suspicions in The Force Awakens that she is capable of sensing The Light Side and The Dark Side. Her ability to confound Kylo Ren is the biggest piece of evidence to that. You've got to admit: It would be pretty damn cool to see a female villain emerge in a Star Wars film.

In reconnecting with Luke, it is possible that she undergoes training with him as part of her journey, and becomes tempted by The Dark Side. Luke could act as a natural channel for The Dark Side to come through (again, it's in his DNA) and allow The Dark Side to connect with Rey in a stronger manner.

And before we count Rey out entirely, remember: "Jedi" is both singular and plural. "The Last Jedi" could simultaneously refer to Luke and Rey or just one person.

Mind. Blown.