These Starbucks Valentine's Day Treats Are Back


Hi, my name is Brandi, and I am a chocoholic. I'm OK with this because chocolate produces feelings of euphoria in the brain similar to falling in love. To that end, me and my fellow chocoholics are in for a treat: The Starbucks Molten Chocolate drinks are back for 2017, just in time for Valentine's Day. You've only got a week to grab them, though, so if you're going to treat yourself, now would be the time. Go on. You deserve it.

The Starbucks Molten Chocolate trio made its debut during the 2016 Valentine's Day season, so anyone who got to experience the magic of the drinks last year — or, conversely, those who missed them — will be thrilled to know that the three chocolatey treats will be available once again between February 7 and 14, 2017. I'm not kidding about that chocolate-love connection, either; a study by one researcher at the University of Cambridge found that chocolate induces feelings of being in love by producing feelings of wellbeing simply because it taste so good. It's scientifically proven to make you feel better — and, hey, science is still real, right? So who are we to argue with that kind of logic?

I admit, chocolate is a main staple of my diet, and I have been known to consume two or more warm, chocolatey drinks a day during the cold winter months. So, I am beyond excited to hear that Starbucks is bringing back these epic drinks, which, by the way, are also a perfect way to start off your Valentine's Day. Bring one to your sweetie, your bestie, or your boss. You'll be a hero for bringing them the gift of love, aka chocolate.

So, what exactly is the Starbucks Molten Chocolate Trio? These three drinks — the Molten Chocolate Latte, Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, and Molten Hot Chocolate — are packed with the stuff dreams are made of: Chocolatey goodness, your favorite kind of milk (including non-dairy options!), and espresso.

Love a little chocolate with your latte? The Molten Chocolate Latte contains chocolatey chips melted into espresso, then topped with steamed milk combined with bittersweet mocha sauce. This latte is topped with mocha- and espresso-infused whipped cream and an espresso mocha drizzle. It packs about 100 mg of caffeine, and is available hot and iced.

Feeling the frap? The Molten Chocolate Frappuccino is a mix of coffee with rich mocha sauce and chocolatey chips blended with milk and ice. The beverage is finished with mocha- and espresso-infused whipped cream and an espresso mocha drizzle. It contains about 80 mg of caffeine.

If you're a traditionalist, the Molten Hot Chocolate has a bittersweet mocha sauce and chocolatey chips are melted into steamed milk for a smooth and creamy taste. Mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and espresso mocha drizzle top off the beverage. If you like your drinks low-test, this one is for you; it only has about 25 mg of caffeine.

In love yet? One of the best parts of love is anticipation, and you have a full day to pine for these decadent chocolate drinks, but only seven days to enjoy them. This love affair will be short lived, so get all you can while it lasts.