Logan Picked His Successor On 'Succession' But The War Can't Be Over That Easy

Peter Kramer/HBO

The question of who will succeed Logan Roy as president of Waystar Royco is the "Who will sit on the Iron Throne?" of Succession, the central question around which the series hinges — and it may have just gotten an answer. Logan chose Shiv in the Succession Season 2 premiere to be his heir apparent… but is that really it? Is the central mystery of the show really over that quickly?

Likely not. Game Of Thrones made fans wait until the series finale to find out that (of all people) Bran Stark would rule Westeros when all was said and done. There's no way the battle for control of Waystar Royco is over just because Logan seemingly picked a successor behind closed doors. Siobhan has a long road ahead of her if she actually wants to pick up the reins of the family company after her father's retirement — or death, whichever comes first.

In many ways, Shiv is the logical choice. Logan's oldest son, Connor, is a libertarian cuckoo who is geographically estranged from the rest of his family and currently entertaining the idea of running for President. Kendall seemed like the natural successor until he betrayed his father and then accidentally murdered a man; now the guilt-wracked sap is nothing more than a puppet for his manipulative father. Roman clearly wants the job, but is far too inept for it: he can't even supervise a missile launch without it blowing up in his face.

Peter Kramer/HBO

The question around Shiv has always been whether she even wanted the run the company or not. Actor Sarah Snook told Bustle last year that she doesn't believe Shiv even wants the company. She added that for Shiv to agree to assume control of the company, "it's got to be a point where she can really see no other option but to take over for her to move forward, because if you fail, then that's the end. She doesn't like failing."

Well, things may have reached that point. With the hostile takeover still under way, the only way Logan can fight it and convince shareholders to keep him in charge is if he finally names a successor in order to waylay fears over his age and health. So, behind closed doors, he offers Siobhan the position — although they agree not to tell anyone yet until they can figure out the best way forward.

Does the secrecy mean Logan is just using his daughter and setting her up for a fall? Or does he actually think Shiv is the best person for the job? Worse — did he make anyone else the same offer? Anything is possible when it comes to that old man.

Peter Kramer/HBO

Even if Shiv does end up in charge when the credits roll on the series finale, it's unlikely to be a straightforward path from here to there for her. Logan likely has many devious plans up his sleeve, Roman will undoubtedly fight her for it when he finds out, outside forces will still attempt to take over the company, and Shiv herself will have to decide whether she's more committed to her family or her own dreams and desires; is she really willing to give up the self-made political career she forged for herself to become caretaker of her father's legacy?

Despite Snook's claims that her character doesn't want the responsibility, Shiv still teared up when Logan offered it to her — although that probably has just as much to do with finally feeling like she earned her father's respect and approval than with the job itself. She'll have a lot of reconciling to do with herself, her siblings, her father, and her competitors if she wants to survive the cutthroat world of multi-billion-dollar businesses. When you play the game of media conglomerates, you win or you die.