Beth & Randall Will Make Crucial Marriage Decisions In The ‘This Is Us’ Season Finale

by Savannah Walsh
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us fans know to armor up for each episode with tissues, perhaps a glass of wine, and the knowledge that several twists are ahead. This ritual applies even more for finales. So, come Tuesday when the Season 3 finale premieres on NBC, viewers will need to prepare themselves. Especially after producers of the show told Entertainment Weekly this week just how much hangs in the balance when it comes to fan-favorite couple Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown). According to producers, theThis Is Us finale will be major for Beth and Randall's relationship. So basically, no matter what happens on the tumultuous season-ender, you've been given fair warning.

This season saw the once iron-clad couple tested through Randall's election, then appointment to government office and Beth's new career as a ballet teacher, where she captured her once forgotten passion. The last few episodes saw the couple fight for their marriage quite literally, as Beth voiced her concerns that she had lost a large part of her identity in Randall's ambitions. Fans were given even more context to the couple's struggles through flashbacks showing Beth and Randall's awkward first date in college and the multiple proposals that led to the couple's ultimate engagement.

But producers promise this is all leading to a major development involving both characters. Executive Producer Isaac Aptaker told EW fans fully invested in this beloved couple can't miss the next episode.

"If this is your story line and this is your couple that hooks you into the show," Aptaker said to EW, "this is definitely the [episode] that you need to see — the make or break for this marriage. We will give answers one way or another." (Is it Tuesday yet?!)

The teaser for the finale shows Randall contemplating resignation and ominously asking, "Do you think we can figure out how we're gonna make our way through this?" Executive Producer Elizabeth Berger told EW that the uncertainty surrounding Beth and Randall will loom large over the course of the episode.

"They’re at a real impasse when we begin our finale and neither one quite has the answer as how to dig themselves our of this hole. It's going to be a real exploration for the both of them as they really have to, in a new way, try to figure out how to salvage their marriage. It feels like the entire season has been leading to this moment in time. The way they both behave and the decisions they make are going to be really crucial, and affect the status of their relationship for years down the line."

As eagle-eyed fans may notice the couple hasn't been seen happily joined in flash-forwards on the show. So this finale could provide insights for future iterations of Beth and Randall. Aptaker said to EW, "Randall and Beth are both at a point where they have to evaluate everything in their lives, professional and family relationships, and really prioritize and decide what they’re going to fight for."

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Between the premature birth of Kate and Toby's son Jack (tears) and Kevin's issues with sobriety and whether he's willing to have childless future in his relationship with Zoe, Beth and Randall's drama will be fighting for screen time. The finale is mysteriously titled, "Her" and Aptaker said not a second is to be missed. He warned to EW, "Do not go fix yourself a snack during the last five minutes."

Though it can sometimes feel like an assault on the tear ducts to be a fan of This Is Us, producers are doing their best to warn of the developments ahead. That way, fans can stay with the show for the long haul. Viewers will have to tune in to find out if Beth and Randall are destined to do the same.