The 'Timeless' Series Finale Trailer Answers A Big Question About Rufus' Fate

Timeless may not have survived its second cancellation, but the series finale will surely bring some much-needed closure to fans. Though the show never became huge, its fanbase has remained loyal throughout the two seasons, and the new trailer for the Timeless series finale, which airs Thursday, Dec. 20, serves as the perfect present for viewers who are eager to see how their favorite show will end. The trailer also answers many of the fans' burning questions — including what happens to Rufus, making it a true holiday treat.

Season 2 ended with future versions of Wyatt and Lucy asking them to save Rufus, who died last season. And luckily, Rufus' fate is revealed in the teaser when he appears dressed as a cowboy and says the iconic Home Alone line: "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!"

But the big question is how Rufus comes back. The teaser hints at Wyatt and Lucy going on an intense journey through time. Lucy even says: "We are going to save history to save our future."

It's exciting to know Rufus will officially be making his return, though this reveal is hardly surprising to fans. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show's co-creator Eric Kripke mentioned there was no way they were going to end the show without reuniting the trio. "It would've been a sh*tty cliff-hanger to end the show on," said Kripke. Malcolm Barrett, who plays Rufus, wasn't too concerned about the fate of his character, either. "The audience loves me! There was a whole campaign!" the Timeless star told EW.

Besides Rufus' return, the cast has also talked about the final scene—revealing a surprising spoiler. "It's a little bit of a closed chapter for our characters, but things are left open at the end of this series finale," revealed Matt Lanter to Entertainment Tonight. "And our characters are still around, so you never know. There's always potential to have to save the world again." Lanter's fellow castmember, Abigail Spencer, also confirmed in the interview that the trio won't be in the final scene. "I think that's a very big tease, that none of us are in the last scene of the entire [series finale]," said Spencer.

But another thing fans want to know about is future Wyatt and Lucy. They're so different from their present-day counterparts, so does that mean that the future looks bleak for both of them? Spencer told TVLine that the arrival of their future versions is actually a cautionary tale. "If they don't do certain things, they'll end up in places they don't want to be and end up without Rufus," explained the actor, noting that they're "five years from the future and still don’t have Rufus [back]."

The cast clearly wants to make sure fans know that the finale is in good hands — without it feeling like their efforts to keep the show on air, including a petition with over 10,000 signatures, were futile. Goran Višnjić even told ET that "you would never see episodes like this on television" because "this is really made for fans. He explained, "We're going to close all the loops. We're going to tie all the loose ends. We're going to come back with a storm of words that our fans love and memories from previous episodes."

The cast has teased plenty about the special two-hour finale, but as the trailer hints, there's still so much left for fans to find out and look forward to.