Too Faced's Clover Palette Is Bringing Major Cuteness To Your Makeup Bag

by Augusta Statz

Calling all animal and beauty lovers! Too Faced has got something very exciting in store for you, and while it is April Fool’s Day, I can’t imagine that this is a joke. Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Too Faced Jerrod Blandino has teased this product before, but this time, he's giving even more info. Too Faced’s Clover Palette has been revealed, and launch day can't get here soon enough.

According to his post, the Clover Palette, named after his cute little dog, will launch in August 2017 and will be part of a new initiative called the Too Faced Animal Rescue Fund. From the sounds of it, some of the proceeds from palette sales might benefit an animal charity, and that’s precisely why I’m thinking this announcement is the real deal. Because you can’t joke about saving furry friends, you know?

The photo showcases the beautiful range of 18 shadows this playful palette holds inside. There’s everything from bright white to bold pink, and there are pops of yellows and blues in there, too! In typical Too Faced style, the packaging is out-of-this-world amazing, so there are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to snatch this up come August. This really seems to have everything you’ll need to complete your summer beauty routine and help save pooches, too. So, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s get it in our makeup bags, ASAP.

Isn't this just darling?

Everything from the packaging to the shades themselves are absolutely adorable.

Let the online freak-outs begin!

Because seriously, it just doesn't get prettier than this.

Combine the cuteness with the product quality and charity aspects, and this is an all-round win!


There's nothing not to love about this product.


One word to describe how folks are feeling about this right about now? Obsessed.


Am I dreaming right now? Somebody pinch me. This is almost too good to be true.

This will be a Too Faced exclusive, so make sure you're ready to shop come August. The rest of the world certainly will be!