The Trailer For 'Another Evil' Gives Ghost Hunting A Hilarious Twist

by Jordana Lipsitz

Prepare to feel slightly unsettled by the trailer for Carson Mell's new horror-comedy starring Steve Zizzis of HBO's dramedy series, Togetherness. The trailer for Another Evil gives ghost hunting a hilarious twist that is supremely disturbing at the same time. While the entity (or maybe even entities) that haunts the summer home of the main character is certainly terrifying, the antics of the ghost hunter he hires to take on exorcism of the spirits are even more off-putting. Actor Mark Proksch brings the overly-excited, emotionally fragile demon hunter, Os Bijourn, to life in all his creepily awkward glory.

Another Evil follows an artist, Dan Pappadakis, who finds out that he and his wife Mary's second home in the mountains is haunted. The family, including their teenage son Jazz, decide to consult an "expert" about the matter. The first expert claims that the ghosts might look nasty but are harmless so the family should attempt cohabitation — but Dan, who often works alone at the house disagrees. When his family returns to LA, Dan hires a recommendation, Os Bijourn, for a second opinion — and ends up getting much more than he bargained for. The recently divorced and oddball "straight up ghost assassin" requires a lot of friendly companionship and drinking (because Bijourn "drinks all the time" when ghost-hunting) from his client over the few days of the "complete and total execution."

Bijourn's ghostbusting assistance comes complete with slamming pipes through walls, ghost traps "cursed" by a priest, and even a moment of full-on nudity as the hunter, "had to get naked to feel the energy of the living room." It soon becomes clear in the trailer that Os isn't just a little "off", he's also got the sort of unhinged vibe that makes this movie seem like more of a thriller than a comedy. When he questions his client, "Why are you being like this? Do you even think of me as a friend?" I felt an icy chill go up my spine. There's bound to be a really bizarre conflict between these two gentlemen which might be much more dangerous than any ghostly presence.

Get ready to be bask in the discomfort of Another Evil in theaters and digital platforms on May 5!