The BFF Getaway You Should Go On This Summer, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Summer's arriving in full swing, prompting dreams of vacations for all. And if travel's been on your mind, more than likely your finances have, too. There's an excellent way to keep your piggy bank in tact, though: take your bestie with you. If you're looking for inspiration for what kind of trip to take with your best friend this summer, consider taking a look at what the stars have to say — you can have a BFF getaway with maximal fun if you base it on your zodiac sign preferences.

The season you were born and sign you were born under can affect where and what you prefer doing. Some people born in the summer months may thrive in tropical places more, while some winter babies don't like to get sun-kissed as much. Depending on how the size and remoteness of a city for your preference, some signs may just do better with change, and some are more homebodies that don't want things to be too unfamiliar.

There are different locations and types of outings that will be more up your alley than others, but one thing's for sure — if you put your mind to it, you can have a great trip anywhere with any sign. Read on to find out where you and your BFF are meant to go:


You're one for hiking and being a trailblazer of sorts, as you are the first in the zodiac. If your BFF is down, go out for a weekend getaway in the mountains, where you can go to new heights each day while retiring to the cabin at night. It will reinvigorate you, someone who already has endless amounts of energy!


You're a big one for their comfort zones, Taurus. So you may be best off taking your bestie to a resort, maybe in an international location like Mexico, so you can experience a new culture to boot. You'll want a place in which you can kick back and relax, while still having new surroundings to excite you.


Take your most adventurous BFF with you to the biggest city you've always been dying to go to. Whether it's New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or any other place, you want a bustling location to feel glam in. And your BFF will be the perfect partner in crime to explore a cosmopolitan area.


As long as you're with the bestie that can talk to you all day every day, it's not going to matter what you two actually do together. Try something low key, like going to the next small town over to check out its thrift shops, and staying in a bed and breakfast. You want optimal bonding time on your getaway, and that time you will get if it's a low maintenance location that doesn't attract tourists!


You want to be somewhere you can take a break from stressing about others, so hit the beach. If you can afford to split the cost of renting a beach house, take a friend with you to get your tan on and wash all your troubles away. Take the friend that's going to be the best to have a heart-to-heart with, but also keeps it real for you 24/7.


You're notoriously private, so a getaway for you would probably entail being far, far away from your usual settings. You've been saving up, you money-savvy Virgo, so take your most practical friend if you want to go backpacking through Europe or Asia and be technology-free for a couple weeks. You're always yearning to learn about other places, so that sort of getaway is going to float your boat the most.


Go on a float trip in the Midwest. The best rivers are all there! Plus, as an air sign, you love to ~float~ through life already — so take your BFF with you on a private outing (no others allowed) and peacefully glide down the water on a scenic trek through the wilderness.


You want to go out and see the rest of the country, so get your most adventurous BFF on board to go on a road trip. If you drive through 16 states in a week, you'll definitely feel like you've made enough memories and seen enough places to last you a long, long time in your ever-expansive memory.


You can be a wild child, and surely you're not the only one in your crew who is. Take your closest friend you'd love to roast marshmallows with camping and the fun will never end after that. You two can explore the woods, set up camp, fend off moths (or bears) and bond over being two explorers trying to live the wild dream.


You don't want to worry any more than you already do all the time, so go with your BFF (or crew) on a cruise. There'll be unlimited food, pool time, and sights to see, and being around the ocean is generally good for a high-strung earth sign such as yourself.


The more, the merrier! Chances are, you have more than one BFF, so take the whole crew out to a lake house so everyone can bond together. You're super social, and this summer you're going to want to get everyone together to make memories and cherish each other's company. You know that community matters, and you capitalize on it every chance you get. So this lake house? Definitely a good idea.


Having a staycation at your apartment might feel lame, but let's be honest. You're a little nostalgic for the days when sleepovers were socially acceptable still. And you're yearning to have an intimate, wine night sort of time with someone. Ask your BFF if they'll just want to come over and watch a movie with you. It might lessen any residual anxiety coming from being a 12th house-ruled sign: your subconscious may always be anxious! However, a true blue friend will understand.