Urban Decay's Brow Box Has A New Look & More Items

by Kali Borovic

Get ready, because this company just took the phrase brow game strong to a whole new level. You might already be familiar with their Brow Box, but it just got a major update. Think even more colors and tools, so that you can slay. According to their Instagram page, Urban Decay's Brow Box now has three tools inside it. Basically, it's got every product you could possibly need all in one place.

Urban Decay has been on a roll lately with their repackaging. They have already changed all their lippies over to their Vice Lipstick line and gave their setting spray a brand new look. Now they're doing the same for the Brow Box as well. The product comes with three different brow products — two setting powders and a wax. But that's not all it comes with anymore.

To make sure you have all the tools that you need in one place, Urban Decay also added a mini tweezer, brush, and spoolie as well. So you can throw the Brow Box in your purse and be ready to go all day long. Plus it comes with two different types of mirrors. One magnifies while the other is normal. It really doesn't get much better than this.

That's not the end of the changes that they made either. Urban Decay now has six different shades of the Brow Box available. That includes one for red heads as well, which is pretty exciting considering that they didn't have one before. You can easily mix the three shades in the kit to get your perfect color.

Urban Decay Brow Box, $30,

The cost of the Brow Box is $30. Considering how many items you get for the price, I'd say that's a pretty reasonable amount. It's also the same price as before, so you're getting even more than you would have previously gotten. That's pretty incredible, if you ask me.

Urban Decay Brow Box, $30,

The Brow Box is part of Urban Decay's permanent collection. You can shop the kit right now on their website. If you've been looking for a sign to invest in some new product products, this is it.