Watch Jackie Evancho's Inauguration Performance

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

With Donald Trump's inauguration in full swing, the first of the performances have begun. Opera singer and former America's Got Talent runner up Jackie Evancho performed the National Anthem at the conclusion of President Trump's swearing in. The young singer faced backlash for agreeing to participate in the inauguration, but there is denying her voice is powerful.

The Obamas, who were behind the singer during her performance, appear to be visibly moved by Evancho's rendition of the National Anthem. At just 16, she is already at the top of her field, thanks to her unique and beautiful voice. While her decision to perform at the inauguration was a controversial one, the rising star had the best reason possible for accepting the offer.

During an interview on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, Evancho said,

I hope to just kind of make everyone forget about rivals and politics for a second and just think about America and the pretty song that I’m singing. I’m hoping that I can bring people together.

While the world may feel very divided right now, I think everyone can agree Evancho gave a powerhouse performance. The crowd, which included members of both major political parties, stood as she sang the National Anthem. For one small moment, everyone at the inauguration was united in a love for their country, which is exactly what she set out to accomplish. Given the charged nature of the situation, politics were surely still at the forefront of everyone's minds, but her stunning performance at least eased tensions.

Evancho wasn't a household name before the inauguration, but her stunning performance is sure to make her one. Not only did she command the crowd, she used her talent to sing for her country. Young though she may be, she didn't let anyone make her back down from her desire to bring a small moment of unity to the inauguration. Politics aside, she followed her heart and sense of duty to her country, and kept a time-honored tradition alive.

I'm sure the world will be seeing lots more of Evancho in the days to come. Her career is just starting out, and, with her wealth of talent, she's sure to be fielding many more offers. Singing at the inauguration will be a major boost to her career, and, no matter where you stand when it comes to President Trump, Evancho deserves to have a long, bright career.