The 'Walking Dead' Cookbook Looks Scary Good


There are still a few weeks left before The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season, but a new tie-in book is shambling into bookstores ahead of the premiere. The Walking Dead cookbook looks scary good, and its early release date means you'll have just enough time to brush up on your prepper-chic cooking skills before the AMC series returns on Oct. 22.

The Walking Dead might be best known for its gross-out, zombie-slaying sequences, but the series has had its fair share of food moments as well. We all remember when Daryl killed and cooked an owl — R.I.P., birb — and everyone knew little Carl had finally grown up when he ate a restaurant-sized can of chocolate pudding on a roof. And who could forget killer-mom Carol's tray of giant cookies that helped her blend right in with the Alexandria crowd?

Drawing from those scenes, The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide contains enough recipes to keep your walker-watching party satisfied for all the seasons to come. Inside, you'll find all the "skills and recipes anyone would need to survive ... during an unexpected walker apocalypse," which seems like a pretty good deal for the mere cover price of a book.

The Walking Dead cookbook strolls into a store near you on Oct. 10. Catch the Season 8 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead on Oct. 22.