This Is The Warmest Winter Coat Under $100 & It's Actually Cute

When your teeth start to chatter, your nose hits Rudolph status, and your hands turn into popsicles, you know it's time to invest in a quality winter coat. But securing budget-friendly winter gear that actually withstands the elements is no easy feat. A warm winter coat under $100 may sound like the unicorn of outerwear, but this cold weather must-have does exist.

It's no secret that some of the coziest winter coats come with hefty price tags. But feeling like a million bucks as you brave the elements doesn't have to cost you a million bucks. When choosing the best winter coat, as long as you consider key elements like insulation, breathability, and waterproofness, you can secure a decent garment for less. And if you play your cards right, you won't even have to sacrifice style in favor of function. After all, when it's already blistering cold outside, having to drown your body in oversized, unattractive outerwear will make venturing outdoors even more of a miserable experience.

When it comes to the the Uniqlo Lightweight Down Hood Coat, however, warm, affordable outerwear that's actually trendy is just what you'll get.

For just 99 smackaroos, this Uniqlo hooded down coat could be yours just in time for cooler temperature drops. Generally, the higher the down fill count, the warmer a coat will be, all while remaining lightweight and comfortable. So, expect this baby to be a wearable heater.

Made with 90 percent down fill, "nature's best insulator" according to REI, it's sure to keep you warm in the harshest weather conditions. But just in case its down fill can't withstand super wet conditions, a water-repellant exterior gives it the ability to handle rain or snow like a boss.

For added warmth, fleece-lined pockets provide maximum comfort for your hands — quite a nice touch. Plus, a detachable, faux fur hood, makes the garment a lifesaver for your head, too. In chilly temps, you could use all the coverage you can get, so a coat that stretches down to the knees like this baby is guaranteed to keep your entire upper body cozy.

What more could you really ask for in an affordable, but warming winter coat?

As it turns out, a stylish design isn't too much more to desire when it comes to this dreamy coat. Available in white and black color options, along with the olivey-brown version, this body warmer of a coat is just as stylish as it is good at keeping its wearer toasty.

An attached sash belt and faux fur details make for trendy style additions. And there's no ignoring the gradient-width quilt stitching that not only adds an element of design, but also creates a slimming visual effect to an otherwise bulky coat.

You're probably already drooling over its impeccable but design. But just in case this down coat isn't your cup of tea, there are other, under $100 winter coat options that may suit your fancy.

Asymmetric Zip Down Coat with Faux Fur Lined Hood, $90, Burlington Coat Factory

Treat yourself to a posh winter coat, when you go for this stylish cold weather protector. A mix of down fill and feathers line its waterproof shell to keep you cozy all day, as its gold accents and faux fur trim help you look your best.

Ultra Light Down Stretch Hooded Coat, $100, Uniqlo

Don't let its sleek and lightweight design fool you. An interior collar attached to the hood protects your neck from the cold, elastic cuffs trap warmth around your hands, and a durable, repellent coating wards off rain and snow with this super coat.

Halifax Faux-Fur Trim Water-Resistent Coat, $99, Macy's

Interior knit storm cuffs and a water-resistant shell make this winter coat completely snow repellant. Cinching at the waist and removable faux-fur trim are the stylish additions that make it quite the looker, too.

It's hard not to fall in love with these cute, but super warm winter coats — and believe it or not, there are plenty more where those came from. Proof that a decent jacket doesn't have to cost you your soul, garments like the uber toasty Uniqlo Lightweight Down Hood Coat and its counterparts are a winter miracle.