Uh, One Giant ’Westworld’ Season 2 Spoiler Video Might Happen & Reactions Are Split

Like a can of condensed milk tumbling out of a robot's grocery bag, a Westworld video that spoils all of Season 2 could be rolling onto the internet soon. On Monday, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy announced on a Reddit AMA that they would release a video that reveals every major thing that happens in the upcoming season — if they got a thousand upvotes, that is. Why, oh why would the folks behind the series want to give away what happens on Westworld Season 2 before it premieres on April 22? Because all of the theories and predictions and hypotheses need to cool their pies, apparently. Nolan and Joy wrote,

"It creates a larger problem for us, though, in terms of the way your guesswork is reported online. 'Theories' can actually be spoilers, and the line between the two is confusing. It's something we've been thinking about since last season. The fans of Game of Thrones, for instance, rallied around and protected the secrets of the narrative in part because they already knew those secrets (through season 5)."

UPDATE: Later on Monday, the highly debated Westworld Season 2 spoiler video dropped on YouTube, and it definitely wasn't what fans expected. In the ultimate trolling movie, the hilarious video teases,

"Dear Reddit, from all of us here at Westworld, thank you for watching, we hope you enjoy season two..."

Then, around the 3-minute mark, the video becomes black-and-white footage of a dog at a piano. See for yourself:

Looks like you'll have to wait for those spoilers after all.

EARLIER: So what might the solution be? Oh, it just might involve spilling everything that goes down in the forthcoming season in a video. They continued,

"We thought about this long and hard, and came to a difficult (and potentially highly controversial) decision. If you guys agree, we're going to post a video that lays out the plot (and twists and turns) of season 2. Everything. The whole sordid thing. Up front. That way the members of the community here who want the season spoiled for them can watch ahead, and then protect the rest of the community, and help to distinguish between what's 'theory' and what's spoiler."

Hm. Interesting.

And it sounds like Nolan and Joy aren't the only ones who think this is the way to get ahead of all of the spoilers. They added,

"It's a new age, and a new world in terms of the relationship between the folks making shows and the community watching them. And trust is a big part of that. We've made our cast part of this decision, and they're fully supportive."

Of course, the offer could be some sort of prank and/or marketing ploy. The showrunners may not really have this video, and their post could just be their way of telling everyone to sit back, relax, stop over-analyzing the series, stop spoiling twists for everyone else, and enjoy the show. That, or there could very well be a "spoiler" video that doesn't actually spoil anything. And maybe fans will think that "spoiler" video is a real spoiler video.

And maybe Season 2 will not actually line up with the "spoiler" video. And maybe when everyone who did watch the "spoiler" video realizes it does not line up with Season 2, they will twitch like a robot that needs to go in for maintenance and stammer, "Fake spoilers undo even the mightiest of creatures."

Or perhaps they really do have a real Westworld Season 2 spoiler video waiting in the wings. And if that is the case, and if they get a thousand upvotes, then fans really could be given the chance to see all of the big moments and reveals and twists of Season 2.

And maybe everyone who watches it really will make an effort to protect the fans who are spoiler averse, à la the Game of Thrones fandom. There could be subreddit threads for those who did watch the video, as well as threads for those who don't want to know what happens, but still want to discuss the show. It could create a subreddit-topia where Westworld fans who don't want spoilers don't have to live in fear of stumbling upon them, and those who did watch the video can help stop the spoilerific theories from seeping into the non-spoiler realm.

Or, you know, someone who watches the video could go all Man in Black and spoil the show for anybody and everybody without a hint of remorse.