Why It’s Actually Good ‘Wonder Woman 2’s Release Date Is So Far Away

With news that a sequel is officially on the horizon, Warner Bros. has revealed the Wonder Woman 2 release date. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will hit theaters on Dec. 13, 2019. The winter debut makes it the ultimate holiday gift for those who are eager to see the blockbuster hit's second coming. Sure, you may be initially disappointed that the follow-up isn't scheduled to make its debut for another two years. But perhaps, more time is exactly what's needed to cultivate what was lacking in the film's first production. Now that its highly anticipated return is in the works, fans can only hope that Wonder Woman will undergo an evolution in terms of its representation of female characters.

It goes without saying that the initial Wonder Woman movie was a long time coming in and of itself. Its show of strength and feminism amidst the plethora of male-dominated superhero tales was a much-needed narrative in the entertainment industry. But as great a triumph as it was, it still managed to broadly miss the mark in terms feminist intersectionality.

Of course, it was overwhelmingly elating for many to finally see a representation of female superheroism on the big screen. But women are collectively much more than the one-dimensional creatures that we are often portrayed as in films such as these, andWonder Woman largely failed to convey examples of that real-world diversity in its introductory film. With proper adaptation, the sequel could prove to become a perfect opportunity to correct the ongoing issue.

As far as the forthcoming Wonder Woman project is concerned, the details are still a bit scant. Although THR reports that Gal Gadot will be returning to reprise the lead role of Diana Prince for the film. It's also indicated that the studio is still in talks with director, Patty Jenkins, about her participation in the project.

While it's great to know that there's definitely a sequel in the works, it would be incredible to see a more diverse range of women being cast in speaking roles for the film. The second coming of the movie should be a feminist victory for all women across the board.