Susan Kelechi Watson Reacted To Rumors That Beth Dies On 'This Is Us' In The Sweetest Way

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Susan Kelechi Watson, the actor who plays Beth on This Is Us, just wants to say thank you. After a theory that Beth would die of cancer spread — and was deemed even more believable thanks to the Season 2 cliffhanger in which Randall (Sterling K. Brown) references a mystery "her" in a flash-forward — fans fought hard for her to stick around. And from the bottom of her heart, Watson couldn't be happier to know how much Beth means to This Is Us fans. To show how much those fans mean to her, Watson recently talked about that cliffhanger that may have implied Beth is no longer with us.

At the NBC Upfronts, Watson told TVGuide that she was "shocked," but mostly "flattered" by how concerned fans were of Beth's fate in Season 3. She said,

"I was really flattered by how people were really invested and really cared in the way that they were looking to see any signs of Beth in the future, you know? At first I thought it was a joke...so I was like, 'That is pretty hysterical.' But then I kept reading articles about it, or people kept telling me and people kept asking. So I was like, 'Oh, it's a real concern!"

That concern stems from the final moments of the This Is Us Season 2 finale in which Beth is nowhere to be seen in a scene between an older Randall and his now-adult daughter Tess. "It's time to go see her, Tess," Randall says. "I'm not ready," Tess replies, looking shaken only to have Randall reply, "Me either." The assumption of this cryptic exchange being that Tess is afraid to visit Beth who has either passed away or could be in hospice care.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Of course, there are other theories that this Season 2 finale cliffhanger is a reference to Deja, who is last seen in the episode breaking the windshield of Randall's car — a foreshadowing that she might find herself in even more trouble in the future. But for those that believe the Randall and Tess exchange is about Beth, there have been clues to support that.

In the "Super Bowl" episode of This Is Us, in which Randall is first seen in a flash-forward visiting his now 20-something-year-old daughter Tess without Beth, his hands are nowhere to be seen. It's convinced some fans that it's actually a tragic clue that Beth passed away and he removed his wedding ring. It's also led to some to wonder if Beth and Randall separate in the future, which for some is even more heartbreaking.

As if fans needed another reason to get nervous, back in February, Sterling K. Brown tweeted a photo of himself dressed as future Randall with the caption: "Ready to see what the future holds?" His hands once again were hidden behind his back to cleverly conceal that ring finger of his. Brown recently told Entertainment Tonight that he knows who the "her" Randall's referring to is, and that it "will be a while" before fans get the answers to that question.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Watson obviously can't dispel the rumors regarding Beth's future either, but when talking to TVGuide, she did try to calm some of those fears. "I think everything is going to be OK!" she said excitedly, before giving a heartfelt thank you to the fans from Beth, herself:

"Thank you guys so much for your concern. Beth is going to be alive. She so appreciates you having her back because many of you said you would fight somebody if it went down. I definitely appreciate on her behalf. She's sticking around."

It's certainly not an answer to the question of whether Beth will ever die on This Is Us, but it may help people feel better for now. Especially since after the show finally revealed exactly how Jack died, fans likely need a little time to compose themselves before losing another fan-favorite.