The Dinosaurs (Yes, Dinosaurs) Are Such Scene-Stealers In 'Aquaman'

by Lia Beck

Spoilers ahead! There is a lot going on in the two hours and 22 minutes of Aquaman. And while a lot of it is unexpected, perhaps the least expected thing is the appearance of the dinosaurs. In Aquaman, the prehistoric creatures show up on screen for a few seconds before we move on to the next thing: Julie Andrews voicing a giant sea monster. Really, that comes only moments after the dinosaurs, and they really deserved more screen time.

Very cute little beach dinosaurs that look like tiny T-Rexs as well as flying, pterodactyl-like ones pop up when Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) show up at the Hidden Sea at Earth's core. Basically, the pair go so far down into the ocean after the Trench that they pop up in another sea that exists in the middle of the Earth. Plus, it's magical, OK? Anyway, as Aquaman walks onto the beach to see that his mom, Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) is not actually dead, but rather has been living at the Earth's core for the past two decades, a few little dinosaurs scamper around behind him.

It does not seem that there are any dinosaurs in the Aquaman comics, and according to Den of Geek, the Hidden Sea is not part of the comics, either. So, the inclusion of dinosaurs in the movie probably just has to do with the filmmakers' imagining of what the heck would exist if there were a beautiful beach at the Earth's core. Dinosaurs? Sure! They went extinct on the surface, but what's to say they wouldn't be here!

Here's how some Twitter users who have seen the film reacted to the prehistoric creatures:

Power Rangers? Neon? Dinosaurs???


Octopus Drums? Pitbull? Dinosaurs???

So many questions.

Another 10/10 Review

But what about everything else?!

This Is All Accurate

Well, he doesn't really drink from a toilet, but uses the water to sustain himself — you know, it doesn't matter. The dinosaurs really are more important.

Dinosaur Island

Nope, it was very real.

In addition to the dinosaurs existing at the Hidden Sea and the Hidden Sea existing at all, there are some other changes the movie makes when it comes to what goes down at the Earth's core. The biggest has to do with Atlanna, whose comic book story differs from the one we see in the film. There have been several versions of Atlanna over the years and the film combines some aspects of them: She falls in love with Tom Curry and has a child with him, she has a Atlantean son named Orm, and she is in exile for quite some time. The latter aspect seems to come from the Atlanna in the New 52 comics, who has to live in a place called Pacifica — not at the Earth's core — according to Comic Vine, and Mera and Aquaman find her there after believing her to be dead.

There are also changes when it comes to fact that, in the movie, Aquaman finds Atlan's trident at the Hidden Sea, and that he battles the Andrews-voiced Katrathen, who is a new character for the movie.

If you go see Aquaman when it comes out on Dec. 21, you're going to have a lot to take in, but just keep your eyes out for the dinosaurs. They're super cute and also a sign that you still have about 30 minutes of movie left.