These 14 Celebrity Reactions To 'Everything Is Love' Are So Relatable

The Carters shocked and delighted fans on Saturday, June 16, when they dropped their new album Everything Is Love on TIDAL. Even celebrities are reacting to Everything Is Love, because no one is immune from the combined power of new Beyoncé and JAY-Z music. Their nine-track album (10 if you count the TIDAL exclusive song "SALUD!") has been out for a mere 24 hours, but it's already generated enough buzz to make it a serious contender for album of the year.

Currently, Everything Is Love is exclusively available through TIDAL, a music streaming service that's owned in part by JAY-Z. Thankfully, they offer one-month free trials, so fans can listen to Queen Bey and JAY-Z's new songs without having to make a long-term commitment to yet another streaming service. Even without the service, the music video for "Apesh*t" — a Louvre set masterpiece that's loaded with meaning — is available to everyone via YouTube.

People are using social media to respond to Everything Is Love in a major way. All you have to do is head over to Twitter, to see fans offering in-depth analysis of the video, serving up memes, or simply praising the surprise album. Among the many members of the Beyhive who are loving the new tracks, are quite a few celebrities who are already just as obsessed with Everything Is Love as you are.

1. Questlove's Quick Take

Joint frontman and drummer for The Roots, actor, and writer Questlove offered a quick take on Everything Is Love that really says it all. The musician praised Beyoncé and JAY-Z for allowing their music to do the talking.

2. Rowan Blanchard Says What Everyone Is Thinking

Even if you don't use Twitter, there's an excellent chance that you make an exception for Bey album drops, because come on. Who can resist showering an icon like her with love?

3. Ariana Grande Can't Stop Listening To "Boss"

Grande shared multiple stories on Instagram devoted entirely to her love for the album. However, "Boss" appears to be the song she can't get enough of, and same, Grande, same.

4. Gabourey Sidibe Is Feeling Blessed

Like many of us, Gabby Sidibe appreciated Bey blessing us with her music on a lazy weekend, giving the perfect excuse not to leave the house.

5. Todrick Hall Is Shook

Todrick Hall reacted the same way we all did, expressing his absolute shock over Beyoncé and JAY-Z completely changing everyone's weekend plans.

6. Colton Haynes Attempts To Win The Reaction Game

Real friends tell their friends when Bey and Jay drop the album of the year — even if they're sleeping.

7. Dua Lipa Makes A Relatable Observation

Same, Dua Lipa, same.

8. Roxane Gay Is In Awe That They Shot In The Louvre

Just when you thought Beyoncé couldn't top her videos for Lemonade, she does this. Roxane Gay marveled at the amazing levels Beyoncé and JAY-Z took their video to for "Apesh*t," shot in the iconic museum.

9. Lauren Jauregui Makes The Best Wish

It would honestly be great if Bey and Jay could just adopt all of us. Who doesn't want to be Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir?

10. Chief Keef Bragged A Little, Because He Totally Made It Into The "Apesh*t" Lyrics

Chief Keef was among the list of celebrities and rappers Jay-Z and Beyoncé referenced throughout the album — which is the biggest compliment ever.

11. DJ Khaled Spread The Love

DJ Khaled did his job with spreading the Everything Is Love gospel, reminding those who hadn't gotten their TIDAL subscription yet to go ahead and do it so we can all enjoy another Bey year.

12. Ty Dolla $ign Was Just Super Happy

This album has been a long time coming and Ty Dolla $ign stanned as hard as everyone else for the dream collaborative.

13. Michelle Visage Knows Art

The video for "Apeshit" is among Beyoncé and Jay-Z's most impressive, so RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michelle Visage took to Twitter to express her amazement.

14. Lil B Has His Weekend Planned

Lil B's tweets are often enthusiastic and always in caps but it feels extra warranted this time while celebrating the arrival of their video for "Apesh*t."

Each time Beyoncé does anything big, it makes everyone go berserk. But this collaborative album is one of the couple's biggest feats yet. These celebrities show that even though they're famous, and some have even been lucky enough to be in the same room as the iconic couple, they're just as big as fans as us.