These 16 Wild 'Bachelor in Paradise' Moments Will Remind You Why You Just Can't Quit Watching The Show

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It may be called Bachelor in Paradise, but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it's mostly the opposite. Since its premiere in 2014, fans have witnessed some pretty wild moments on Bachelor in Paradise some intense, some dramatic, and others awkward, but all very, very memorable.

From fake weddings to hospital visits to multiple love triangles (more like love... shapes) it's hard to imagine anything topping all the debauchery we've seen on the show so far. But Season 6 has already been pretty dramatic — in the words of Chris Harrison, perhaps the most dramatic — so that may very well happen. Within two short episodes, countless tears have been shed, exes reunited (looking at you, Blake and Kristina), and even tacos expelled from one John Paul Jones. It's quite possible that this list will double in size with each new episode, but for now, the odd, shocking, and sometimes cringe-worthy moments of Paradise's past must live on in infamy. With as much that has happened over six seasons, it's likely that you've already forgotten some of the most iconic scenes. So, allow this list to serve as your permanent reminder — a Bachelor in Paradise highlight reel, if you will.

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