These 16 Wild 'Bachelor in Paradise' Moments Will Remind You Why You Just Can't Quit Watching The Show


It may be called Bachelor in Paradise, but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it's mostly the opposite. Since its premiere in 2014, fans have witnessed some pretty wild moments on Bachelor in Paradise some intense, some dramatic, and others awkward, but all very, very memorable.

From fake weddings to hospital visits to multiple love triangles (more like love... shapes) it's hard to imagine anything topping all the debauchery we've seen on the show so far. But Season 6 has already been pretty dramatic — in the words of Chris Harrison, perhaps the most dramatic — so that may very well happen. Within two short episodes, countless tears have been shed, exes reunited (looking at you, Blake and Kristina), and even tacos expelled from one John Paul Jones. It's quite possible that this list will double in size with each new episode, but for now, the odd, shocking, and sometimes cringe-worthy moments of Paradise's past must live on in infamy. With as much that has happened over six seasons, it's likely that you've already forgotten some of the most iconic scenes. So, allow this list to serve as your permanent reminder — a Bachelor in Paradise highlight reel, if you will.

1. Blake's "Love Square"

Season 6 has already included what could potentially be some of the show's biggest drama. Caelynn stepped onto the beach ready to confront Blake for breaking her heart and sleeping with Kristina not even a day before they slept together, and naturally, Kristina was invited to Paradise to join in. What happened was so explosive, it continued offscreen.

2. Cam's Letter For Caelynn

During this particularly cringey Season 6 moment, Cam took Caelynn aside to read her a letter he'd written...and her face said it all.

"I want you to always feel safe, comfortable, and protected with me moving forward," he read. "As I'm recapping the day, I lick my lower lip and your jalapeño-rita spice still lingered and it brought me such joy. Know that I'll always defend you and be your biggest Cam fan. Don't let these stupid buttheads bring you down."


3. Clare Talking To A Raccoon

This was definitely just some tricky editing, but we gotta hand it to the producers: making it look like Clare was talking to a raccoon in Season 1 was pretty funny.

4. Chris Bukowski Ending A Date In The Hospital

Hopefully he doesn't relive this moment during Season 6, but Chris twisted his knee stepping out of the ocean during Season 3. Determined to push through it, he insisted on keeping his date with Elise and still, they ended up in the hospital by morning.

5. Daniel Maguire Calling Himself "The President" And "Gandhi"

According to his ABC bio, Daniel left Jojo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette because he felt she didn't appreciate his "dynamic personality." That personality resurfaced in Paradise, where he expected the girls to flock to him without effort on his part.

“I’m like the king of the jungle, President of the United States; I’m Ghandi," he said. "I’m going to sit on my throne, and I’m going to let them come to me. Bringing me grapes and fine cheeses and wine, gold and precious artifacts. So if you want this rose tonight, come to papa bear.” That strategy didn't work out so well for him.

6. Chad Johnson's Obsession With Eating

Listen, food is great, but this was just weird.

7. Chris Harrison Kicking Chad Out Of Mexico

Eventually, Chad was asked to leave Paradise, but not because he wouldn't stop eating. After insulting Sarah and fighting with Daniel, host Chris Harrison had to interfere and ask him to leave the beach. Of course, Chad didn't leave quietly.

8. Jenna Cooper & Jordan Kimball's Messy Breakup

Jenna and Jordan seemed like one of the strongest couples on BiP Season 5. They fell madly in love and even got engaged at the end. Shortly after the finale aired, however, Bachelor Blogger Reality Steve published screenshots of texts that were allegedly from a boyfriend of Jenna's, claiming she was faking their entire relationship to get publicity.

Jenna denied the accusations and is now writing a book to explain it all, according to Us Weekly. In an interview with Life & Style Magazine, Jordan said of the book. "I'm not entertaining anything she says. It's almost been a year and she is still at it. What a nightmare."

9. Josh Murray and Nick Viall's Argument About...Bedrooms

There were many moments of tension between Josh and Nick during Season 3 of Paradise, but one of the most memorable was when they fought over sleeping arrangements.

10. Evan & Carlys' Hot Pepper Kiss

During their first date on Bachelor In Paradise Season 3, Evan and Carly broke the record for "hottest kiss" after eating a habanero pepper and kissing for more than 90 seconds. It was probably the weirdest date ever featured on the show, but hey, now they're married with children.

11. Jordan Throwing A Stuffed Dog Into The Ocean

Jordan and David's rivlary began on Becca's season of The Bachelorette and followed them to Paradise. When David tried to celebrate Jenna's birthday by giving her a giant stuffed dog, Jordan wasn't happy about it and threw it into the ocean while wearing a floral suit.

12. Brett Lighting Up Paradise... Literally

When he appeared on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, he showed up holding a lamp. Why? Because he didn't want to meet her empty-handed. He became quickly known as "lamp guy" and reinforced that image by bringing one to Paradise.

13. Kamil Breaking Up With Annaliese At The Live Season 5 Reunion

14. Christen Becoming "Scallop Fingers"

According to Alexis, Christen once pulled out some leftover scallops mid-car ride, stinking up the whole car...and earning her the unfortunate nickname of "scallop fingers" during BiP Season 4.

15. Dean's Love Triangle

Dean found himself falling in love with two women, Kristina and Danielle, during Season 4 of Paradise, and it didn't end well for anyone. Here's to hoping history doesn't repeat itself this time around.

16. Mackenzie & Justin Accidentally Getting Married

During a one-on-one date, a local Shaman performed a native ceremony entirely in Spanish that ended in Mackenzie and Justin's marriage, unbeknownst to them. It wasn't technically legal, but uh, they probably still would've appreciated a heads up.

Reflecting on all of these wild moments, it starts to make sense why we all just can't quit watching. It's all so bad, and yet so, so good,