These 'Bachelorette' Moments Are So Awkward, They'll Make You Cringe All Over Again


When Hannah B. met her first suitors on After the Finale Rose, she seemed a little too awkward to carry a whole season. She definitely had some uncomfortable moments with Colton (aka that first date toast), but since her Bachelorette season premiered, it's clear she's gotten the hang of things. Six weeks in, Hannah has proven any naysayers wrong by being one of the most charismatic and charming Bachelorettes to date. That's not to say there haven't been some awkward Bachelorette moments, though. They're not just for the end-of-season blooper reel.

Most notably for Hannah, there was the time Jed walked in on her steamy, half-clothed massage session with Luke P., and then Kevin returning the favor by catching her straddle-kissing Jed in Scotland. And surely there will be many more to come before she hands out her final rose.

But these run-ins aren't unique to Hannah. Throughout the Bachelor franchise's 40-some season history, there have been many, many awkward moments. In fact, there are enough to make a list for each season, but because no one has time for that, we've narrowed it down to the best of the best (or the worst of the worst, depending on your stance), starting with Hannah B.'s season.


Luke S. Telling Hannah He'll Go "Down South" For Her Any Time

"I don't go down south often," Luke S. told Hannah on After The Final Rose, referring to her Alabama roots. "But for you, I'd go down any time." Depending on your sense of humor, it's either funny or full-on cringey.


Jed Walking In On Hannah B. & Luke P.'s Massage Session

Early on in the season, Jed walked in on Luke P. and Hannah in a compromising position, then promptly turned around and left. Hannah proceeded to let out an f-bomb-filled reaction because she had no clue how to smooth things over. Luckily, Jed was understanding.


Kevin Catching Hannah & Jed Making Out

On his way back from the bathroom, Kevin caught a glimpse of Hannah B. straddling and kissing Jed at the top of their Scotland castle's stairs. "Like attacking the sh*t out of him," Kevin explained to the camera. "It's like one of those things, you see it and you can't turn away." It was particularly awkward because Kevin and Hannah hadn't even kissed yet.


Jordan Flashing Becca With His Golden Underwear

Jordan from Becca's Bachelorette season clearly didn't mind being the center of attention, but ripping off his pants to reveal tight gold underwear caused a lot of tension in the house, and it was overall just uncomfortable to watch.


Becca Leaving Grocery Store Joe Speechless

Perhaps the most beloved suitor to be sent home on night one, Grocery Store Joe has come a long way since fumbling over his first words with Becca. "I'm Joe," he said after exiting the limo. "And I forgot everything I was gonna say to you."


Robyn (Literally) Falling For Sean

Everyone knows that first impressions mean everything on The Bachelore/ette. And each season, contestants seem to get bolder...and wackier. On Season 17 of The Bachelor, Robyn attempted a double back handspring out of the limo, but she tumbled over after the first. Thankfully, Sean still appreciated the effort.


The Tickle Monster's Introduction

When Jonathan, aka The Tickle Monster, stepped out of the limo, he asked Rachel to close her eyes and hold out her hands. Of course, she was expecting him to give her something, but instead, he blindsided her by tickling her sides. She laughed it off, but the whole situation was weird.


Adam Introducing His Creepy Doll To Rachel

Suitors often go to great lengths to get the attention of The Bachelorette, but Adam's creepy doll took it too far and gave off serious Michael Myers vibes. No thank you.


Jesse Giving The Rose To The Wrong Girl

Bachelor number five drew a blank during a rose ceremony, called out the name, "Katie," and then realized he said the wrong name. "I froze and forgot," he told Chris Harrison. He actually meant to give the rose to Karen. Even worse, he extended a courtesy rose to Katie, who elected to stay and see how things would go.


Jack Stone, Just In General

Jack Stone may have redeemed himself in Paradise, but he seemed pretty creepy during Rachel's Bachelorette season. She clearly wasn't feeling it on their one-on-one date, and when he responded that he'd "lock the door" so they could hang out and talk in bed when she asked what he would do if he could take her away to Dallas, it was enough for her to send him packing.


Daniel Getting Drunk & Poking Everyone

Every cocktail party has the potential to go badly because there's alcohol involved, but JoJo's first is one to remember. A lot of the guys got totally smashed — particularly Daniel, who continuously poked Evan in the belly button, then stripped down to his underwear and dove into the pool.


Jillian Tripping At A Rose Ceremony

Jillian lived every Bachelor contestant's worst nightmare when she first stepped forward to someone else's name, then tripped over the rug while returning to her spot in. She tried to laugh it off and make light of the moment, but her nervous laughter made things even worse.


Chad Continuously Eating On Camera

As if being the season's villain wasn't bad enough, Chad made himself even more unlikable on JoJo's season by eating, like, all the time. While Daniel was trying to have a serious conversation with him on the mansion couch, Chad casually pulled out a sweet potato and bit into it, apple-style. That's awkward and rude.


David Singing "Happy Birthday" To Jenna In Paradise

Although he's endearing, David's persona screamed "awkward" the moment he met Becca in a chicken suit. In Paradise, that awkardness persisted when he tried to flatter Jenna with a birthday "cake." She played along but still appeared uncomfortable. Then came the stuffed dog drama.


Arie & Lauren's Silent Paris Date

Arie and Lauren's love story didn't really make sense to anyone watching at home, who had to watch them walk around in near-silence during their one-on-one in Paris. Maybe it was romantic for them, but from the couch, it looked painful.


Arie's Shimmy-Kiss With Bekah M.

Arie has also had his fair share of awkward, mmm-filled kisses, but the way he shimmied before kissing Bekah M. was... something.


The Season 9 Soulja Boy Video

No further explanation needed here.


Robby Getting Rejected For Being Too Sweaty

After sitting down to chat in Paradise, Robby asked Amanda if he could give her a kiss, and she resisted, saying it "has to be the right moment." He leaned in for one later, and she turned her cheek. "You're so sweaty," she added.


All Of Colton's Virginity Jokes

Colton's virginity was mentioned dozens of times on Season 23 of The Bachelor, but there were a few particularly cringe-worthy lines, including Katie's limo entrance. She performed a card trick in which she proceeded to "take his V card." Demi's opening line wasn't much better. "[I] haven't dated a virgin since I was 12," she said.


Kasey Getting A Tattoo For Ali On Season 6

To top off his awkward, lackluster serenades during their one-on-one date, Kasey surprised Ali by getting a tattoo that symbolized their relationship. The only words she had were, "Your mom's gonna kill you!"

Cheers to many more awkward moments to come. For the contestants' sake, hopefully they aren't as bad as these. For our entertainment, hopefully they are.