These Affordable Products For DIY Facials Will Deliver A Serious Upgrade To Your Self-Care Routine

Leandro Crespi/Stocksy

My favourite dream involves visiting a skincare clinic every day and being pampered to within an inch of my life. Will this ever happen? Not unless I win the lottery, because if there's one thing I know, it's that having a professional facial costs a bomb. Luckily, finding affordable products for facials you can do at home is actually pretty easy.

Unsurprisingly, it hasn't taken beauty brands long to clock on to the fact that many women either don't want to or can't afford to spend hundreds of pounds on their skin in one go. While there are still a number of devices and lotions that will set you back that much, there are just as many that cost little more than a Domino's and are also effective.

Neutrogena's famed light therapy mask may have kickstarted the trend last year. Yes, it looks like a DIY Halloween costume, but as Boots reviews show, a lot of people love it because a) it works, and b) you never have to throw it away.

If you're still a little put off by more technological procedures, don't panic. Traditional face masks that involve little electronic work or simple facial massagers are for you. I've even found the perfect facial for people who, like me, want to look good but just can't be bothered at the same time. You are very welcome.

Here's how to get all the glow without the dough, with my pick of the best high street products for an at-home facial.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask


You might remember this from the rave reviews given by beauty bloggers, influencers, and editors when it was released in early 2017. If you suffer from regular breakouts but don’t have the funds to visit a dermatologist, this Hannibal Lecter-looking mask uses a combination of red and blue lights to reduce inflammation and promote healing. For the best results, Neutrogena recommends using the light therapy device for 10 minutes every day. The mask lasts for 30 treatments with an additional £14.99 activator needed for any further use.

Skyn Iceland Rubberising Mask

Skyn Iceland Arctic Hydration Rubberising Mask Set

Marks & Spencer

Skyn Iceland’s rubbery mask is another science experiment. The brand is all about de-stressing skin with a focus on boosting your natural glow. Rich in Vitamin C, this innovative mask sticks to your face, then dries to peel off in one easy go. Here’s how you do it: First, squeeze the gel base (pouch 1) and the treatment powder (pouch 2) into the tray. Then thoroughly mix with the spatula for around 30 seconds or until you get a paste-like consistency. Spread evenly over your face and leave on for 30 minutes then remove to reveal a newly hydrated you.

Yu Ling Roller

Jade Facial Roller (Double)

Cult Beauty

Have you heard of a face gym? It’s a place you can visit where experts give you a vigorous workout in the name of beauty. OK, so you don’t actually leave sweating, but you may leave wondering why you spent hundreds of pounds when you could just buy a jade roller for the price of a nice meal out. Rollers massage the skin to simultaneously boost circulation and get rid of puffiness. After regular use, you should start to see an improved texture and tone. This one has two ends meaning double the fun. Pro tip: Leave it in the fridge for a nice cooling feel.

L'Oreal Paris Multi Masking Face Kit

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Multi Masking Face Mask Play Kit


I swear by these affordable L’Oreal clay face masks. Not only are the colours great for a quick Instagram snap, each one actually works. This "multi-masking" kit includes three of the best ingredients: eucalyptus green for purity, algae red for that all-important glow, and charcoal black for detoxification. Play around to find the combination that best works for you. The best part is you only need to leave them on for 10 minutes, meaning they can easily slot into your nightly skincare routine.

Aveeno 60 Second In-Shower Facial

Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In Shower Facial


If you’re a little on the lazy side when it comes to your skincare, an in-shower face mask was made for you. Aveeno's version takes just 60 seconds to get rid of all the nasty dirt and dead skin from your face. With a slightly gritty texture and an ingredient list containing alpha hydroxy acid, it really does give your complexion that bright and polished look. Literally all you have to do is apply and rinse it off in the shower. Nothing could be simpler. P.S. It's currently only available on Amazon in the UK, so get in before the crowds do.

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

Cult Beauty

Facials are all about giving the skin a deep cleanse. Just like the famed Clarisonic, Foreo sells a number of electronic devices that will leave your face glowing. While its first design is pretty pricey, the miniature Luna Play version is a great (and relatively inexpensive) way to reap the benefits of the sonic technology. It features one cleansing mode that emits 8,000 pulses per minute and is designed to be used in conjunction with a cleanser. As it’s so small, it’ll only last for 100 uses, so it's ideal if you want to treat your skin every so often.

Yes To Powder-To-Clay Masks

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask

Holland & Barrett

Combining the powers of charcoal and tomatoes (stay with me), these all-natural masks will make you feel like a real scientist. Starting in powder form, simply mix with water before slathering across your entire face. There’s even the potential to customise the masks by adding ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. Try a little avocado for some extra goodness. Yes To masks come in four varieties; detoxifying charcoal, moisturising coconut, calming cucumber, and blemish-fighting tomato. With a price of £4.99, why not pick up a few?

GlamGlow Multimasking Kit

GlamGlow Multimasking Kit


Face masks are the core of GlamGlow's brand. While a tub of its individual masks will set you back almost £50, this travel-sized set contains six of the most top-rated products for a fraction of the price. Designed to give you the same effect in 10 minutes as an hour with a professional, the kit contains everything from spot-clearing and exfoliating masks to brightening and skin-firming options. Rather than using one for the whole of your face, try multi-masking by putting a different mask on each section. A handy manual inside will show you how.

Sarah Chapman Facialift

Sarah Chapman Facialift

John Lewis

You may think you have no chance of recreating a facialist’s massaging techniques, but you'd be wrong. Marketed as a "mini facelift," Sarah Chapman’s hand-sized tool is perfect for an evening in after a long day at work. It features eight different heads with 48 individual massaging nodules and is designed to relieve tension and brighten and tighten the skin. There are a number of ways to use it, including rolling the massager from chin to ears and tapping your face with the flat disc. Sufferers of puffy faces in particular will love this.

Lancôme Hydrogel Mask

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask


Sheet masks that give you the look of a serial killer are all the rage right now. Lancôme has transformed their original design into a hydrogel version, adding its powerful Advanced Génifique serum. One mask is the equivalent of an entire 30ml bottle of the serum so as you can guess, it’s pretty rich. The mask boasts the ability to leave you looking wide awake and your skin feeling smoother. Use for between 10 and 30 minutes and marvel in its weird melting effect.

Buying just one (or a couple, if you're feeling fancy) of these products can revitalise your skincare routine, giving you that post-facial glow without the super expensive price tag. OK, so your technique may not rival a professional's just yet, but practice makes perfect.