These Are Kylie's Favorite Makeup Looks Of 2016

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is a cosmetics mogul. People can try to deny it, but the sheer popularity of Kylie Cosmetics speaks for itself. On top of that, though, she's got great taste in cosmetics. That's probably why Kylie Jenner's best makeup looks of 2016 aren't makeup looks of other celebrities. They're her own. Let's be honest, though. When your beat is as fly as Jenner's, why not create a list of your best work?

Jenner's makeup skills have been known for quite some time now. Once her all matte everything, 90s-inspired looks captured attention in 2015, the popularity of her makeup looks — particularly her matte lip look — only rose. With conversations about her now infamous lips trending, it seemed as though Jenner decided to embrace the attention she was getting. While her lip filler was obviously not the reason she launched Kylie Cosmetics, it may be part of what helped her garner so much attention for her makeup. After all, everyone wanted to know how to get Kylie Jenner lips.

Now, it's easy to achieve those looks. One click onto the Kylie Cosmetics website, and you've basically got the perfect way to get the Kylie look. As for her own looks, Jenner's got some favorites from this past year. From full on glamour to a more natural look, Jenner listed her favorite looks over on her website, and they are so good.

1. Peach Perfection

Considering that Jenner was inspired by this look to create her upcoming Royal Peach Palette, it makes sense that this would be one of her favorite looks from 2016.

2. Xtina Realness

No one could stop talking about Jenner's stunning Xtina Halloween costume. How could she not list the accompanying makeup look as well?

3. Dead of Knight Launch

Jenner's Dead of Knight lip kit was based completely on what her fans wanted. Her love for her fans isn't something people have ever doubted, so maybe this could be considered an homage to them?

With the vast array of makeup look Jenner had in 2016, she clearly has more than three favorite looks. To see more of them, head over to Jenner's website. Who knows? She's been known to most a makeup tutorial every now and then. Maybe tutorials of these looks are coming soon.