These Are The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are Worst At Being In Long-Term Relationships

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For anyone who wants to create a healthy, long-term relationship, it's totally possible to do so — even if your zodiac sign is one that's "bad" at long-term relationships. Just like it's possible to create a long-term relationship in spite of commitment issues, problems from your past, etc., it's all about being aware of any shortcomings you might be bringing to the table, and doing what you can to reverse them.

It is important to remember that not everyone will identify with their sign 100 percent, and signs on this list are still completely capable of being in healthy, happy long-term relationships. It's also totally OK if long-term relationships aren't your thing, and that isn't something you want for yourself. But if you're looking to find commitment, by evaluating the classic characteristics of your sign, it may offer guidance into any potential struggles you will have with your romantic life, as well as how to fix them.

Take a second and think about your past relationships, or the one you're in right now, because it may be quite enlightening. "They say that if you want to understand your character ... get into a relationship," Joshua MacGuire, an astrologer and wellness coach, tells Bustle. "It may be more advantageous, however, to understand your shortcomings before getting into a relationship; that way, you shorten the learning curve and can start creating a life filled with sharing, not strife."

Here are the three zodiac signs that might struggle in long-term relationships according to astrologers, as well as what they can do to turn things around.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Aries is often considered the self-centered sign of the zodiac, and they can have some personality traits to match. "As the first sign, they can be self-absorbed and 'me first,' which can cause friction in relationships," MacGuire says. "They have trouble seeing through their partners' perspectives, and may feel frustrated by having to compromise." It's this "younger sibling" vibe that can get them into trouble and make it difficult for relationships to last long-term, if they aren't careful.

But that doesn't mean Aries can't be mature, responsible, caring partners, if they want to be in long-term relationships. It's often just a matter of being aware, and looking at their significant other as a partner — instead of someone who's holding them back.

"If Aries wants a long-term thing, they may want to consider how in a partnership they're actually relating with their 'unlived self,'" MacGuire says. "By seeing their partner as a reflection of them, they are more apt to pay attention to the other person, as a way to increase their self-knowledge."


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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Sagittarius is the free livin' wanderer of the zodiac. As such, they aren't always keen on having long-term relationships. "They are incredibly prone to wanderlust," MacGuire says. "In a relationship, there's a familiarity that ensues, which Sagittarius is allergic to. No matter how wonderful the other person is, Sagittarians are always going to be on a search for something foreign."

But what many Sags don't realize, is that it's possible to have both if that's what they're interested in. "If Sagittarius wants a successful relationship, they should consider how fun it will be to explore unchartered territory with their partner," MacGuire says. "They should start viewing [the] partnership as a way to further expand their outlooks — two heads are better than one, and Sagittarius can learn a lot with another adventurer."


Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

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As another sign that's in love with freedom and independence, Aquarius can have a hard time settling down into anything super long-term. "They are the rebels of the zodiac; if you ask them to zig, they'll want to zag," MacGuire says. "In a relationship, they are likely to feel their wings are clipped. They sometimes want to go off and be alone, for instance, and shut out the world. This is usually unacceptable for their partners." If they do so without explaining that they just need some time alone, it can be a bit hurtful to their partners.

And yet, as with Sagittarius, a simple mindset shift can do wonders if Aquarius is open to commitment. "If an Aquarian wants to enjoy a committed partnership, they should start viewing a relationship as a path to freedom," MacGuire says. "With someone on their side, they may have the ability to be free in other ways: They may feel stronger as part of a two, and when you feel stronger, you're able to take more risks and be ... free to go into business on their own, visit a new part of the world, or explore their latent talents."

It just goes to show that anyone who wants to be in a long-term relationship totally can be. Often all it takes is awareness, and a few quick perspective changes.