These Are The Dogs At Battersea That Need A New Family Right Now

by Aoife Hanna

Letting yourself imagine having your very own little pet is a fairly common daydream. Drifting off to a life filled with beach jaunts, brisk park walks, slobbery kisses, and of course very good boys/girls. However, most people imagine this life with a very specific type of dog in mind. Instead of acknowledging that sometimes you don't choose the dog, they choose you. And guys some of them actually need you. And these dogs at Battersea Cats & Dogs Home are in need of a home right now.

Something that many, including myself, are very passionate about is "adopt don't shop." AKA, don't buy designer dogs when in actual fact there are so many sweet angel dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and needs waiting to be rehomed as we speak.

I spoke to the legendary animal rescue centre which has been helping pets in need since way back when in 1860. And guys, the home is famous for very good reason. According to their impact report from 2018, they rescued a stonking 3,282 doggies. That's a whole heap of happy waggly tails and newly completed homes.

But of course a lot more are in need of your help as we speak. So here's a list of dogs in need of homes this very moment. Grab a tissue because this is all a bit emotional.


Roxy & Conkers — Reference 057797

Roxy and Conkers come as a pair. Why I hear you ask? Well you guys, they are BFFs. Aged nine years and five months (Roxy) and six years and nine months (Conkers), they were already adopted separately and that just didn't work for them. Sadly finding them back in the home after their owners had unfortunate changes in circumstances.

Despite the negative press often associated with Staffies, they're both very affectionate, friendly, and greet people both they know and new people with a wagging tail and a big smile.

Find out how to apply to adopt them here


Poppy — Reference 375593

Poppy is a Lurcher and despite being nine and a half is as spritely as a puppy.

She came to the home as a stray so not much is known about her past. However, her boisterous puppy like behaviour means she's ideal for an active home. And one that's not afraid of a bit of a challenge when it comes to her training.

Ugh look at that face! How could you say no?

Find out how to apply to adopt her here


Bella — Reference: 363555

Bella is the fun and cheerful pup of your dreams. The sweet and affectionate angel is two and a half and as she isn't the biggest fan of traffic and crowds, ideal for those living their rural best life.

Any potential new humoms/dads will need to be committed to her on-going training as she is definitely in need of some work in terms of handling. As well as being prepared to attend multiple appointments with Battersea's rehoming and behaviour team to meet and spend time with Bella.

Find out how to apply to adopt her here


Roo — Reference 374718

Oh good lord where do I start. This is Roo the Jack Russel, she was found as a stray and at only nine months she has already had a litter of puppies. She was an excellent mum to said puppies and they have all now flown the nest. So now it's her turn to find a furrever home.

Roo is super energetic and best suited to people experienced with cheeky little terriers and their hyper natures.

Find out how to apply to adopt her here


Molly — Reference 376940

Molly is two years seven months and the Staffie of your actual dreams. I mean look at those flipping ears to start with.

This good girl was found as a stray and has proven to be a gentle and sensitive soul. She's looking for owners that can provide her with a secure home with owners that can help build her confidence.

Find out how to apply to adopt her here


Everest — Reference 375402

Everest, aged three years four months is retiring at a relatively young age. He's an ex-racing Greyhound looking for a warm cosy bed and a family to settle down with for his retirement. He's a super friendly boy who has an affectionate side he would love to share with a new family.

Just sit down because this is about to get seriously emosh.

As an ex-racer, it's unlikely that Everest has ever lived in a home with a family before. He's really looking for someone to show him how to be a good housemate and show him all that being part of a family has to offer.

Find out how to apply to adopt him here


Jack — Reference 375835

Jack, aged eight years and four months, is a handsome boy. Oh my days, just look at that little smily face.

He has lived a very sheltered life and has found it a real challenge to go for a small walk or even moving around his kennel. Owing to this, the team over at Battersea have been spending lots of time and love helping him gain the confidence to get out there.

Any new owner would need to be super patient and TBH he would actually benefit from an emotional support pal in the shape of another small and more confident dog. Reminds me of the emotional support Pug, Pancake. Remember that little guy?

Find out how to apply to adopt him here


Remember, though: if you do decide you want to go ahead with adopting, you need to make sure that you're in the position to care for an animal. Because being a dog owner is a lot more responsibility than you may think at first.