These Astrid & Kevin Updates Prove The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Is Still Going Strong

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert

Usually, it's the high-drama relationships that make compelling reality television. However, Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt broke the mold last summer during Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. They managed to entertain the fans just by keeping things low-key and getting along (for the most part). And now, Astrid and Kevin's relationship is still going strong. Let's face it, in Bachelor time, they've been together for an eternity. While the franchise doesn't have the best track record for long-lasting relationships, Astrid and Kevin really do seem to be so happy. And, of course, their fans are as well.

If any people in Bachelor Nation are living their best lives these days, it's Astrid and Kevin. After they got through a season of BIP, they've been hitting some pretty major milestones together. In November 2018, the couple attended a charity event that Kevin hosted to benefit the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada. That night, he revealed to Us Weekly, "Tonight was extra special for me personally because mine and Astrid’s families met for the very first time." Now that is a big deal. It sounds like things are getting serious for one of Bachelor Nation's most-loved pairings.

That's not the only major moment the couple has experienced since Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 wrapped. Here are some updates fans will want to know.


They Moved In Together

This has to be the most major news up to this point. In December 2018, Astrid moved to Canada to be with Kevin. Before she packed up her life in Tampa, Florida, Astrid joked about the idea of moving to Canada in a September 2018 Instagram post. She wrote, "I could get used to this place, eh (Did I do it right?)." Yes, she did. And now she's a Canadian resident.


They're Remodeling Their Home

Aside from moving in together, the couple is in the process of turning their house into a home. Astrid bragged about Kevin's home remodeling skills on Jan. 19. She wrote, "Saturday’s are for the boys...laying floors. (I’ve never been more impressed in my life)."

On Jan. 20, Kevin asked his followers, "House to a home. Working on it. Is it boring that the small things get us so excited? " Not boring at all. In fact, it's refreshing.


They've Spent Time With Kevin's Nieces

Aside from meeting Kevin's parents, Astrid has also enjoyed some quality time with Kevin's nieces. "Aunt Astrid" has a nice ring to it. Doesn't it?


They Spent Christmas Together

On Christmas morning, Astrid posted a photo of Kevin sleeping with the caption, "Wake up! It’s time to open presents. Merry Christmas everyone." Little did she know, he viewed her as his best Christmas present that whole time. Kevin sweetly told his Instagram followers, "My Christmas gift is wrapped in red plaid."


They've Traveled Together

Paradise wasn't the only time this couple enjoyed time on the beach. Since they finished filming they show, they've traveled quite a bit. They returned to Mexico for a recent vacation. They went to Atlanta for the Super Bowl. The duo vacationed in Bali. Taking trips is a major test for some relationships. It seems like these two are passing with flying colors.


She Referred To Herself As His "Wife"

In a Feb 6. Instagram post, Astrid told her followers, "He hates when I make him take pics like this (but happy wife, happy life)." Wait, what's going on with that last part? She referred to herself as a "happy wife," which honestly sounds right.


He's A Great "Instagram Husband"

Not only does Astrid have a great boyfriend, but she also has a skilled Instagram photographer. She has given Kevin some shout outs for being a great Instagram husband a few times over. On Feb. 10, Astrid even joked, "I’m gonna have to start paying @kevin.c.wendt for all these pictures he takes of me."


They Channeled Britney & Justin's Iconic Denim Looks

The duo rocked these denim looks for the charity event Kevin hosted in November 2018. They wore "Canadian tuxedos" in homage to Kevin's home country, but they also looked very similar to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's iconic denim date night at the 2001 American Music Awards.


They've Maintained A Sense Of Normalcy

Astrid and Kevin stood out on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 for being a "normal" couple. They worked through their issues in a mature manner instead of getting caught up in sensationalized drama. And even after they became an official Bachelor Nation pair, they still managed to maintain that same normalcy that their fans loved them for in the first place.

They proudly shop at Target, watch sports games, get groceries together, and post cute photos on Instagram, of course. The only difference between them and anyone else who shares similarly ordinary content on social media is that they get thousands of likes on their posts.

So there you have it, Kevin and Astrid are going strong, and Bachelor fans are totally here for it.