Fans Can't Get Over The Shock Of Astrid & Kevin's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Breakup

ABC/Paul Hebert; MissCandyP/Twitter

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt seemed like the most solid couple on Bachelor in Paradise, so one saw it coming when he broke up with her right before the Fantasy Suite dates — especially Astrid. Making matters worse, she had to relive the breakup when Monday night's episode aired. At least she had support from viewers who tweeted about Astrid and Kevin's sudden breakup on Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone was so thrown off by this. But still, just imagine being Astrid. Sure, it's great she has received a lot of love from the fans, but that's pretty much a consolation prize.

Why couldn't these two just continue dating outside of the show? Why does it have to be engagement or nothing? This isn't The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, that high level of pressure is not there for every single Bachelor in Paradise couple. Most likely because there are so many relationships and not just one left standing at the end.

The viewers just could not handle the unexpected split. This can't be the end of Astrid and Kevin, right? Hopefully they managed to get back together in real life, but only if Kevin genuinely made things right and put in 100 percent of himself, instead of the 80 percent he told Astrid he was giving her during the most recent episode.

Unfortunately, their current status is still unknown to the fandom, but those fans really did have a lot to say about the split.


This Is Making Some Viewers A Little Paranoid

Many fans wondered, "If Astrid and Kevin can break up out of nowhere, then what can happen to my own relationship?"


Out Of All The Couples, Why Did Kevin & Astrid Split?

There were so many "relationships" on Bachelor in Paradise, why did it have to be Kevin and Astrid who broke up? Almost any other couple breaking up wouldn't have been nearly as upsetting to the fans.


Why Couldn't They Go To The Fantasy Suite?

The Fantasy Suite Date would given Astrid and Kevin some much-needed private time away from the cameras. They could have talked things through and left BIP as a unit, instead of separating and breaking everyone's heart in the process.


They *Have* To Be Together In Real Life

Dating on a reality TV show does seem pretty stressful, so maybe the cameras and lack of true alone time was just too much to handle and these two are actually happily dating in real life now.


He Blindsided Her

No. One. Saw. This. Coming. How did he go from talking about his love for Astrid to just ending it immediately after? They can just date, no proposal necessary.


What Is Going On?

Did anyone else watch that breakup scene multiple times? Why did they even break up? This whole thing is just so confusing for the viewers, so just imagine how confusing it is for Astrid and Kevin themselves.


No, No, No, No

Oh my god. How did this happen? Bachelor Nation was really not ready for this one and it's just tough to get over.


How Are The Viewers Supposed To Deal With This?

This is not real, is it? It just can't be.


Kevin Disappointed The Fandom

Kevin upset the fandom (and Astrid, of course) with this pre-Fantasy Suite breakup. Where did this come from!?


How Did This Happen?


We Were ALL Rooting For Them

Everyone was rooting for Astrid and Kevin to last. First Kendall and Joe, and then Astrid and Kevin? Who are the fans going to ship now?


Why Couldn't They Just Date?

Venmo John and Olivia made the right move when they decided to just date on their own, instead of going through with the Fantasy Suite date on the show. They left Bachelor in Paradise together, hand in hand and smiling. Why couldn't Kevin and Astrid do the same thing?


How Did This Happen?

This really does need to be addressed during the reunion show. There are so many unanswered questions here. How on earth did this happen? What was Kevin thinking?


This Breakup Was NOT Necessary

This was just not necessary. They could have just taken their time in real life to figure themselves out.


Both Kevin & Astrid Were Hurting

Most viewers "sided" with Astrid in response to the breakup, but watching that scene, it's clear that Astrid was not the only one who was upset.

This cannot be the end of Astrid and Kevin's relationship. Or at least that's what a lot of the viewers are hoping for.