Snag's New Chub Rub Shorts Use ACTUAL Science To Help Prevent Chafing

by Aoife Hanna

Summer time is ideal for getting out your beautiful flowy dresses and living your best life. Who doesn't like to pretend they are a child of the '80s flower power era as they prance around in a maxi dress? Or who doesn't absolutely die for the thought of beach-perfect cover ups ahead of their next holiday? However, for people of all shapes and sizes, soaring temperatures can lead to an all too common and all too irritating problem. Chafing. And these new Chub Rub shorts are about to change the lives of a lot of people who are annoyed by that chafe.

The new products from the wonderfully size-inclusive brand Snag Snag Tights are available from size 6 to 26. But, more than that, this brand also takes into account your height, width, and body shape. Meaning Snag products are comfortable beyond belief.

Not only are these beauties functional, but they also come in a range of colours to suit your mood and #outfitoftheday. The colours available are Raspberry Pie, which is a gorgeous pinky red hue, Beach Bum, a lovely bluey tone, Hot Chocolate, a dark brown pair, Builders Tea, a lighter nudey colour, and, for the less colour inclined, straight up Black.

According to a statement sent to Bustle, the shorts are enhanced with a special lab-tested Nilit® Breeze cooling yarn. An extra special fabric that is proven to keep the body temperature almost one degree lower than it usually would be. This means less fire in your loins and more keeping it cool in hotter weather. The Chub Rub shorts also have some extra special moisture-wicking fabric and cotton gussets. These provide extra help against that chafing struggle, while keeping the bottom part of your legs free to soak up those precious rays.

Edinburgh-based tights brand Snag are kind of the mavericks of the tights world as they are really changing up the status quo. As their website states:

"We do not create 'plus size tights'. For a start, in a world where 60% of women are size 16 or above 'plus size' is no longer plus, its the new normal. But also making only 'plus size' tights would be just another way of excluding some people, and we passionately believe NOBODY should be excluded. We try to be a fully size inclusive brand, and to make our products accessible and available to everyone."

Their size guide is pretty individual as they take into account the individual shape of each woman.

Although chafing appears to be viewed by many as an embarrassing issue, the fact is that it is completely normal and many people suffer from it. So much so that there are a multitude of options when it comes to treating, avoiding, and living without the affliction that is inner thigh rubbing. Because once you have had it, you will never want it again. This latest option from Snag Tights is sure to be a winner and will have you buying one in each colour.