Proof Netflix's 'Death Note' Is The Creepiest Movie Of Summer 2017

James Dittiger/Netflix

Netflix's American, live-action adaptation of the beloved manga and anime Death Note has an audience almost as divided as Congress. Some love it, some hate it, which is why the creepiest details in Death Note range from completely WTF insane to genuinely frightening. After all, what more could you expect from a movie about a boy who gets a magic notebook used to kill people with the help of a death spirit?

If you haven't seen Death Note, then the creepiest thing about it might be seeing star Nat Wolff, who plays the protagonist Light Turner in the film, with blonde hair. But, if you have seen the movie, Light's unfortunate dye job is the least of your worries. In the film, Light goes from regular teenager to mass murderer in about 10 minutes after stumbling upon the Death Note, a notebook with the power to kill people via Ryuk, the death spirit that comes with it. If that doesn't sound creepy AF, then I don't know what does. Over the course of the movie, Light becomes increasingly seduced by the power of the Death Note, and his dark, death-obsessed girlfriend, Mia, doesn't help matters. Meanwhile, the mysterious detective L is hunting him down, desperate to arrest the man behind Kira (aka Light's murderous personality).

To be honest, there's not much about Death Note that isn't unsettling, but the truly creepy details are where the movie really comes to life. These creepiest details in Death Note are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ryuk's Love Of Apples

There's something exceptionally disturbing about how much Ryuk likes apples, especially considering he first shows up in Light's high school. The evil spirit frequently munches on apples throughout the film, and it's always disturbing to see such an innocent snack in such horrifying hands.

Ryuk Is A Giant Porcupine

While we're on the subject of Ryuk's creepiness, can we acknowledge that he looks like a giant porcupine? It's creepy, yes, but also very WTF and weird.

Light's Relationship With Mia

Let's talk about Mia. Light's love interest in the film is a bored cheerleader so desperate for anything alternative, she falls for Light because he has the power to kill people without leaving a trace. Her attraction to him is based on literally nothing else, and that's very, very creepy when you think about it.

L's Magical Voice

There's a lot of creepy details about L, but the most disturbing one is how he can speak perfectly clearly with his nose and mouth covered. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS L.


Mia and Light craft the Kira persona to be a god-like avenger, and it works. The idea of Kira being a vigilante plays on our current obsession with superheroes, and it's definitely a wake up call for those of us who love a good hero. In Death Note, Kira kills bad people, yes, but the reality that two reckless teenagers are behind it makes you question whether you really should be championing vigilante justice.

P.S. Hey, Light, I was just kidding about your hair. Please don't kill me. THX.