These Behind-The-Scenes Pics From Drake's 'Degrassi' Cast Reunion Will Have YOU Upset

Just as the Degrassi theme song states, whatever it takes, you know these guys are going to make it through. And today, the cast of the Canadian teen soap made sure to come through for Drake. His video for "I'm Upset" is the Degrassi reunion you've been waiting for. And from the looks of the tweets from the Degrassi cast about Drake's video, they're just as excited about this 10-year reunion as you are.

This blast from Drizzy's past featured all your favorite OG Degrassi: The Next Generation cast members like Shane Kippel (Spinner Mason), who wrote on Instagram how happy he was to be included in this "on screen reunion for the fans but also a real one for all of us involved." Spinner wasn't the only familiar face to return to Degrassi High in Drake's new video, which also featured beloved characters Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins), Manny Santos (Cassie Steele), Emma Nelson (Miriam McDonald), Mia Jones (Nina Dobrev), Ashley Kerwin (Melissa McIntyre), Craig Manning (Jake Epstein), and Toby Isaacs, played by Jake Goldsbie, who admitted that he never wanted to be "the Degrassi guy," but was starting to reconsider after this experience. After the video's release on Wednesday night, Goldsbie wrote on Instagram, "When I was younger and dumber I used to say things like 'if I'm 30 and still The Degrassi Guy I'm going to kill myself.' Well, I turn 30 in 8 weeks and it turns out being The Degrassi Guy is, uh, pretty cool." Yeah, it's super cool.

What was also cool was to see the behind the scenes photos of the video, which was directed by Drake's right-hand woman Karena Evans, who also helmed the videos for "God's Plan" and "Nice For What." And these behind the scenes Instagrams and reactions from the cast about the Degrassi reunion are enough to make any fan wish they were back in high school.

Shane Kippel aka Spinner

Kippel, whose character Spinner was BFFs with Drake's character Jimmy, wrote heart-warming message on Instagram:

"To be a part of something of this magnitude with my childhood on screen best friend Aubrey Graham turned rap superstar and business mogul Drake was something truly special, and then to do it with ALL of my old cast members back at on our old sets really put the experience over the edge. All of the energy, laughter and fun captured in the video was as naturally occurring and genuine as can be. No acting involved."

Lauren Collins aka Paige Michalchuk

For Collins, Drake's Degrassi reunion was a chance to have a late-night snack with on and off-screen bestie Adamo Ruggiero, who played Marco Del Rossi. "The moment @adamoaruggiero and I wrapped our first (and safe to say only) rap video at 5am, scarfing Pizza Pizza in my old dressing room," Collins wrote on Instagram. "We’ve been through a helluva lot together. This tops it all."

Miriam McDonald aka Emma Nelson

McDonald posted this sweet photo of her and Drake with the caption, "Thank you, thank you, thank you to THIS incredible guy for bringing us all together just like old times."

Andrea Lewis aka Hazel Aden

It's true getting to see Drake pal around with his old castmates is pretty satisfying. Seriously, try not to aww at the shot of him with Andrea Lewis, who played Hazel, Jimmy Brooks' one time girlfriend.

Christina Schmidt aka Terri McGreggor

Christina Schmidt, who played Terri MacGregor, posted a photo with Drake, noting he's "one of the rare ones who still call me Chrissy." She added she was "thankful and grateful for all that" Drake is and thanked him for "bringing everyone together this past weekend to celebrate life and so many memories in the absolute best way possible." Clearly, this was a real YOLO moment for everyone.

Cassie Steele aka Manny Santos

Manny herself, Steele was happy to reunite with Jay and Silent Bob, who also appeared in the video. Real Degrassi stans remember when Kevin Smith came to Degrassi to film his (fake) new movie Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!, which starred Manny, Paige, and the other student. It was very meta and of course, very funny.

Kevin Smith

Smith was also happy to return to Degrassi, tweeting, "Thanks to @Drake for letting me & @JayMewes go back to @Degrassi one more time in the most transgressive (and expensive) ep of Next Generation ever made!"

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer aka Liberty Van Zandt

Just like you, Drake's video gave Barrble-Tishauer all the feels. "When u haven't seen your classmates in 10 years and the glow up is REAL," she wrote on Instagram, and she couldn't be more correct.

Ephraim Ellis aka Rick Murray

Even Rick, the student that shot Drake's character Jimmy Brooks was invited to the reunion. Though, Ephraim Ellis, who played Rick, tweeted that keeping it a secret wasn't easy.

"I went to my high school reunion over the weekend!" Ellis wrote. "It was pretty dope, and I was contractually obligated not to post about it on Twitter until literally right now!"

Drake might need "no new friends," but clearly he still loves his old ones — a lot — and lucky for him, so do Degrassi: The Next Generation fans.