These Dog Backpacks Let Your Pup Carry Their Own Gear

If you love hanging out with your dog but sometimes wish you weren't spilling dog treats out of all your coat pockets on the regular, well this is a slightly niche product that may solve that niche problem for good. How can you make man's best friend better? Make them carry their own stuff on hikes. That's right — the best dog backpacks mean that Fido can carry their own treats, and make your day a little easier.

I had no idea these existed, but now I have to wonder why these are not already more popular. Dog backpacks make perfect sense, especially if you're someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors. Obviously you don't want to load them up too much, but these backpacks are specially designed for dogs of all sizes to be able to wear them. Per the listing on Amazon, these RUFFWEAR backpacks are also specifically designed for dogs' comfort, equipped with extra padding and cut to give them full range of motion — plus, they come with the added safety benefit of reflective trim. And for the stylish dog, they come in two color options, "Orange Poppy" and "Meadow Green," depending on your dogs' current aesthetic.

But maybe your dog isn't the kind of pup who is desperate to go hiking — maybe your dog has more of an indoor, office pooch vibe. That's totally OK. There are some every day "commuting" dog pack options which have a slightly more formal, office wear look. That's right, your pup can get a little puppy coffee, a little puppy grumpy face, and go on a little puppy commute. This backpack will make them ready. I wouldn't put my important documents in there, but it's still pretty darn cute. Dress it up, dress it down — get yourself a dog who can do both.

Of course, it may be that instead of your dog carrying a bag, you want to carry your dog in a bag — and there are plenty of perfect dog-carrying bags that can help make your commute a lot easier if you're trying to get your pup on the subway. Or, it may be that you really like dressing up your dog which, let's be honest, is a secret hobby for many pet owners. From LED dog collars which are safe and snazzy to an actual Stranger Things Demogorgon dog costume that will transform your dog into a scary monster (and by scary, I mean scarily cute), there are plenty of ways for your dog to get its accessories on.

Dressing up your dog is a rite of passage — but many of us have never thought how useful dressing your dog up can be, if it's done correctly. If you're someone who takes your dog on long walks or hikes, then a doggy backpack could be totally transformative. And if you're more of an office worker? Then start looking for a miniature tie to complete your pup's commuter outfit. It's time.