You Can Turn Your Dog Into An Adorable Demogorgon With This 'Stranger Things' Costume

Etsy; Netflix

I am 100% sure that you weren't prepared for this level of cuteness and preciousness today — because no one was prepared for it, ever. If you're a Stranger Things fan (or just a fan of making your dog look aDORKable), then it's time to get very excited. There is a Demogorgon dog costume from Stranger Things on Etsy and it is too cute for words.

ThatCraftyFriendShop is the genius behind this costume. The Demogorgon — aka the baddie with the head like a scary flower — is a pretty scary part of Stranger Things, but this costume is just amazing. It comes in sizes extra small through extra large, starting at $25 and running up to $70. You just measure your dog's collar size, pick the right size for you, and off you go. But honestly, it's worth taking a moment to scroll all of the pictures on the listing showing dogs of different sizes — because watching the little pups looking so serious with their Demorgorgon costumes will make your freaking day.

And the reviews show that it is a big hit. "This is just amazing," one reviewer wrote. "Beautiful, beautiful work. This is so well made! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be so perfect! Fits great and our dog doesn’t even mind having it on! Doesn’t bother her at all and it is a huge hit in our neighborhood! Thank you!" I love the idea that the dog is just wandering around the neighborhood and wearing this on every single walk they take. I'm going to keep that in my imagination forever.

Also, if you're a cat-lover, fear not. One reviewer put this on their cat and seemed to have a grand ol' time with it, so be brave and think outside the box.

Of course, even if you don't have a pup, there's every reason you might want to show your love of Stranger Things in a big way. The show has been a HUGE success — and the cult following has gone all the way through season three. Luckily, it's also a show that knows its merch — with lots of product partnerships and just straight-up fan favorites. There's been a Stranger Things X Nike Collaboration, so you can walk around like you own the 80s. There's even been a Stranger Things X Levi's collaboration so you can channel your favorite character — and try to copy their outfits down the last detail. H&M even got in on the game, with a Stranger Things collection that will let you be the coolest lifeguard around.

But for me, it's all about the snacks. Baskin Robbins launched a range of Stranger Things ice cream, which is the perfect summer treat — and Burger King WENT there with an Upside Down Whooper in celebration of the show. Basically, there are so many ways to live your best Stranger Things life — and to get a truly immersive, delicious experience.

But I haven't seen any ways that are as cute (or as dog-friendly) as the Demogorgon dog costume. I mean, Halloween is right around the corner. OK, it's not — but it will be. And you'll be prepared. In the meantime, just let your pup strut their stuff on their morning walk — you know you want a little furry demon of your own.