These Flasks Shaped Like Nintendo Game Cartridges Will Make You Nostalgic As Heck

by Carolyn de Lorenzo

Are you paying attention video game aficionados? Because now there’s a cool new way to transport your beverage of choice — and these flasks look exactly like your favorite Nintendo game cartridge from the '90s. As reported by Delish, for a mere 20 bucks, you can fill up “Bar Hop Boys,” “Drunky Kong,” “Fine Ale Fantasy,” and “Super Bar-Hop Bros.” with your preferred libation to your game-loving heart’s content. What these flasks lack in, shall we say, subtlety, they more than make up for in charm. After all, these are sure to be a conversation starter whenever you take a swig, so if you’re one who likes to conceal your drink-toting decanter incognito, this probably isn’t the your best option. But with so many choices to choose from, these flasks are amazing for any game-loving 90s kid. I mean, truth be told, and subtly be damned — these things are hilarious and adorable.

According to Amazon, these cartridge flasks hold about 4.25 ounces of your favorite spirits, and are crafted from a super durable and BPA-free molded plastic, so you don’t need to fret about leaks, drips, or spills as you go about your business. Your ever so nostalgic “Kid Liquourous” flask is sure to be a hit at your next gathering or soiree, so wield that spirits-filled vial with pride. Remember that you can snag these on Amazon, and many are available through Prime — here are a few models for your consideration. Game on, '90s kids!

Bottle Toads (Battle Toads)

Double Flagon (Double Dragon)

Drunky Kong (Donkey Kong)

Kega Man (Mega Man)

Kid Liquorous (Kid Icarus)

Kid Liquorous

You’re sure to find an old (or new) favorite among these near-kitschy Nintendo-inspired cartridge flasks, and with 15 super retro models to choose from, you’ll probably find a gift or two for the avid gamers in your life, too. These latest additions to the “Bartendo” series by InkWhiskey are sure to be a hit with gamers young and old. Whether the “Legend of Drink,” “Metal Beer," “Spike Dyson’s Pass-Out," or “Ninja Dry Gin” are your proverbial cup of tea, there are plenty of boozy renditions of your favorite games to choose from — so you’ll be toting your booze in nostalgic style in no time.