Feminist Clothes & Accessories You Can Order Last-Minute To Wear To The Women's March

If you're going to the Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21, then get ready to be a part of something big. And, get ready by gettin' ready with all the the things you need for the march.

If you haven't done so already, go ahead and sign up. (Yes, there's still time.) Make sure you also follow the group on Facebook for updates regarding security, news, etc. Then, start planning out what the heck you're gonna bring.

While this march is going to be a super important moment in history — and hopefully a catalyst for social change — it's also a time to gather together with like-minded people and have some fun. So go ahead and rock your feminist t-shirts, dress up with your friends, or show your support by covering your entire outfit in Planned Parenthood pins. (Just an idea.)

As many as 200,000 people are expected to show for the big event, so the more you can stand out the better. Not only because you want to raise your voice, but because you want your friends to be able to find you in the crowd. (Priorities, people.) Here are some clothing and accessories that stand out, stay warm, and show your support for women everywhere — and that you can get before the march on Jan. 21.

1. This Femme Sweatshirt

Strong Female Lead Sweatshirt, $65, bando.com

To let everyone know what's up.

2. Girl Power Slides

Daisy Street Girl Power Slider, $18.50, asos.com

For before or after the march, when your feet are sure to need a long rest.

3. Cat Call T-Shirt

Cats Against Cat Calls T-shirt, $29.95, feministapparel.com

Because it's unacceptable.

4. Lips Patch

Lips patch, $12, bando.com

To show that you're there to have your voice heard.

5. Lips Umbrella

Lulu Guinness Umbrella, $28, asos.com

Because us ladies are always prepared.

6. Peace Pins

Tuesday Bassen Peace Pin Set, $12, urbanoutfitters.com

One for you and one for a friend.

7. Uterus Keychain

I Heart Guts Uterus Keychain, $9.99, amazon.com

Wear it as a necklace.

8. Lady Earrings

Gender Symbol Earrings, $14.99, amazon.com

Just in case they forget.

9. Rose-Tinted Glasses

ASOS Oversized Aviator Sunglasses, $18.50, asos.com

So everything looks rosy.

10. Girl Power Phone Case

Skinnydip Girl Power Phone Case, $22, asos.com

To remind you why you're there every time you text.

11. Feminist T-Shirt

Feminist Classic, $29.95, feministapparel.com

Say it proud.

12. Perfect Sweatshirt

Feminism Now Sweatshirt, $44.99, cafepress.com


13. Cute T-Shirt

Feminist Heart, $29.95, feministapparel.com

For feeling festive, even if it's hidden under your hoodie.

14. Horns Headband

Horned Head Band, $8.50, asos.com

No explanation needed.

15. Feminine

Whistles Feminine Sweater, $113, asos.com

So cute.

16. The Best Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt, $55.99, cafepress.com

How perfect, right?

17. Girl Power Hat

Girl Power Cap, $12.99, amazon.com

Tell it like it is.

18. Tote Bag

Tote bag, $24.95, feministapparel.com

Best tote bag ever.

19. Socks For The Cause

Girl Power Socks, $11.95, feministapparel.com

Um, yes to these.

20. Uterus Stickers

Bunch Of Uterus Stickers, $11.99, amazon.com

How can you not buy these?