You Can Buy A Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Full Of Sparkly Pink Unicorn Gin


You know what your Easter basket is probably missing? Giant chocolate eggs filled with bottles of pink gin. I know, I know — it’s an oddly specific treat to desire as a new springtime favorite. But happily, you can get that exact thing this year, thanks to a collaboration between Manchester, UK staples Zymurgorium and Slattery Pâtissier & Chocolatier. What’s more, the gin comes in two varieties: One flamingo-themed, and the other unicorn-themed. They’re only available in some very specific spots in Manchester, though, so, uh… looks like someone is arranging a trip to the UK soon.

(It’s me. That someone is me.)

A fairly recent addition to Manchester’s brewing and distilling scene, Zymurgorium was founded in 2012. With a name derived from “zymurgy,” meaning the chemistry of the fermentation process used in brewing and winemaking, and “emporium” (you know what an emporium is, yes?), Zymurgorium makes and sell a wide range of boozy tipples: Different types of gins, gin liqueurs, vodkas, vodka liqueurs, meads, ciders, and craft beers are all on offer at their facility and online. They’re probably best known for their exceedingly creative spirits and liqueurs, though; indeed, their Realm of the Unicorn gin liqueur — one of the beverages featured in today’s Easter treat — went viral just a few months ago.


Slattery, meanwhile, has been around since 1967. Located in Whitefield, Manchester, the pâtissier and chocolatier creates everything from handmade chocolates to cakes and ice cream — and those creations are nothing short of spectacular. Their Easter offerings are particularly notable, ranging from pop culture-themed treats like this Spiderman egg to chocolate dinosaur eggs. Heck, if dinosaurs aren’t cool enough for you, they even make chocolate dragon eggs (which appear to be different than the ones offered by Deliveroo a few week ago).

Knowing all this, the pairing of Zymurgorium and Slattery makes perfect sense. Who better to bring us the gigantic, grow-up version of a Kinder Egg? Available as limited-edition items, the eggs, made by Slattery, are coated in an edible, pink, pearlescent shell and house a 50cl bottle of pink gin from Zymurgorium, according to the Manchester Evening News. What’s more, you’ve got options when it comes to your gin: Choose from FlaGINgo, a regular gin imbued with Caribbean spices and mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and raspberry juices, or Realm of the Unicorn, a sparkly gin liqueur with hints of vanilla and citrus that apparently tastes like marshmallows. FlaGINgo is 38 percent ABV, while Realm of the Unicorn is 20 percent. The eggs ring in at £59 (about $78) for the flamingo version and £49 (around $65) for the unicorn one.

However! (You knew there was a “however” coming, didn’t you?) You can only get them at two spots, neither of which is online. The FlaGINgo and Realm of the Unicorn eggs are available for purchase at two of Manchester’s Selfridges location: The one at the Trafford Centre shopping complex and the one at Exchange Square. You’ll also probably have to act fast; these two treats are bound to sell out quickly.

If you fail to acquire one of these exact eggs, though — or if you’re, uh, not in Manchester — you’ve got a few options: First, if you’re in the UK, you can order either of the gins online and have them delivered to you; also, although Zymurgorium doesn’t ship internationally yet, they’re working on it, so those of us located elsewhere might be able to get a hold of FlaGINgo and Realm of the Unicorn at some point in the future. In the meantime, these other pink gins might fit the bill for you. Similarly, Slattery eggs can be ordered online if you’re in the UK; if you’re in another country, though, you might try looking up the fanciest chocolate shop in your area and seeing what they’ve got on offer.

No matter how you acquire your gin and eggs, though, you’re in for quite the treat this Easter. Cheers!