You Can Get A 'Game Of Thrones' Chocolate Dragon Egg For Easter


Some people wonder why I moved to the UK all of those years ago — and those people will wonder no longer. I feel like every moment since my move, maybe every moment of my life, has been building to this moment. Game of Thrones chocolate dragon eggs are available on Deliveroo in the UK — and they're beautiful.

First, a step back — what is Deliveroo? Well, for a long time the UK was rather bereft of real delivery services. You could get pizza delivered, but there was no JustEat/Grubhub type service to really guarantee that you never have to leave your house. Not good enough. Enter: Deliveroo. If you want to order a delivery in the UK, you're almost certainly ordering a Deliveroo. Delivery drivers for Deliveroo wear these huge blue jackets and, for a while, Deliveroo was so popular that people were wearing those blue jackets at clubs. The UK is a confusing place.

But back to this important moment. These eggs look like the type of epic that would actually befit the Mother Of Dragons. First of all, you can order them through the site's temporary "Hatchery" section, because that's a thing now, apparently. Then there are the eggs themselves, and for some reason they seem to be not only massive and high quality, but super cheap. Per Deliveroo, they are made from fair trade white chocolate, but then they're decorated (hand-painted, in fact) to give them that dragon egg feel, complete with scales, obviously.

They're also freaking huge. The eggs weigh in at more than two pounds. Two pounds of white chocolate for you to feast on. For some reason, despite being 20 centimeters tall and weighing as much as a baby (I'm assuming, I don't know babies), they're only 80p — which comes to about $1.05, depending on what's going on the exchange rate at any given moment. How can you get so much chocolate for so little? I don't know. Call it dragon magic. Call it Deliveroo joy. Call it whatever you like, it's coming.

"Easter is coming and so is the final series of our favourite blood-soaked romp," Joe Groves at Deliveroo said in a statement to Metro UK. "We see huge spikes of orders around season premieres and finales and we thought what better way to celebrate hardcore fans than with these amazing scaley creations." Blood-soaked romp isn't a phrase I'm immediately going to incorporate into my vocabulary, but who knows — maybe after this season I will.

If you are lucky enough to be in the UK, these eggs are meant to come out on April 14, to coincide with the launch of the final season (or series, in the UK) of Game of Thrones, and they'll be available until April 21, which is Easter Sunday. You can also get a cheese Easter egg in the UK, because life really isn't fair. But if you're in the US of A and you want to get your hands on something delicious, you can get some classic Russell Stover action or try the Russell Stover Bunicorn for something totally different. If you just want to really get into the GoT premiere, there's the Game Of Thrones X Urban Decay Palate ready to help you channel your inner Mother of Dragons. We've got a lot to love in America, too.

As far as badass Easters go, if that's even a thing, adding a GoT dragon twist to the traditional Easter Egg certainly does the trick. They're gorgeous, they're delicious, and they're kind of scary — they're everything you would want a Game of Thrones egg to be. Dracarys.