These 'Give A F*ck' Tees Donate Proceeds To The ACLU

Courtesy of La Ligne

There's no mincing words in the newest statement tees from cool-girl brand La Ligne — they want you to "Give A F*ck," and tell anyone who glances at your outfit the same. So even if you're ready to scream it from the rooftops in hopes of waking people up, wearing a La Ligne "Give A F*ck" shirt is probably a more efficient way to get your message across (along with actually, y'know, giving a f*ck).

The tees are badass and dainty at the same time, with the phrase embroidered on the upper lefthand corner of a varsity tee and an anything-but-basic striped tee. The pretty font may make the bold phrase feel slightly less aggressive, but make no mistake—it means business. 30 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU, which, also happens to "give a f*ck."

And in case you need a little extra inspiration to wear it with pride, the tees were modeled by bona fide badass and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker, an organizer of the Women's March and Lady Parts Justice and leader of The Citizens Band. So whenever you've got it on, you can remember her rocking it and think, "WWSD," or, "What Would Sarah Do?" And the answer to that is usually — you guessed it — giving a f*ck.

Courtesy of La Ligne

Note the incredible ACLU "Dissent Is Patriotic" button on her neck scarf.

Courtesy of La Ligne

The shirts are available on La Ligne's website right now. Here's how to shop both of them.

1. Give A F*ck SS Tee

Give A F*ck SS Tee, $115, La Ligne

Wear with your favorite pair of jeans a healthy amount of passion.

2. Give A F*ck Varsity Tee

Give A F*ck Varsity Tee, $135, La Ligne

Just because this tee is old-school inspired doesn't mean you want to go back to old-school times.