These Clues From 'The Good Place' Creator About The Show's Ending Hint At One Last Major Twist

The news that The Good Place will end with Season 4 is a forking hard blow for fans, to say the least. No one wants to see NBC's inventive comedy wrap up — least of all the cast and crew — but the series is ending on its own terms. And it sounds like it has at least one more twist in store for fans. In new interviews with TV Guide and TVLine, D'Arcy Carden and series creator Mike Schur dropped some tantalizing hints about how The Good Place will end that should keep everyone theorizing until the Season 4 premiere this September.

In keeping with the show's love of subverting expectations, the clues they offered up were vague at best. Still, after a finale that left Eleanor in charge of an experiment that could decide the fate of humanity as a whole and wiped Chidi's memory, any teaser is better than no teaser at all. For her part, Carden told TV Guide that the series finale will be "wonderful and lovely and correct." She also revealed that it will keep up the show's penchant for throwing curve balls at fans.

"Every season we have some big twist, whether it's a big, holy mother forking shirt balls type of twist or just a simple twist. But it's always something that I don't expect and this is the same," Carden told the outlet. "I always think, if I had a million guesses, I would never guess what the ending was gonna be, and this is the same way. This is like, a certain kind of twist. And it's just like, every season when I hear what it is, I'm like yep, that's what it is. That's right."

Could that twist involve the outdated point system that hasn't allowed a single human entrance to the Good Place in nearly 500 years being abolished? That's something Schur and Carden aren't sharing for now.

Schur did share a tiny bit of news about the neighborhood's other new inhabitants, though. At the end of Season 3, Eleanor, Michael, and the rest of the gang discovered that the Bad Place had chosen test subjects that would be particularly hard for the original four characters to work with in hopes of throwing the experiment off track right from the start. For Chidi, that meant welcoming his ex to the fake Good Place, while Tahani was paired with a gossip blogger whose life work had revolved around covering her famous sister's every move.

The last two residents haven't been introduced yet, but according to Schur, they will have unexpected connections to Eleanor and Jason. "The idea was that the Bad Place chose the people they chose to specifically kind of smart-bomb our original crew," he explained to TVLine. "For Tahani, that meant a person she had never met before, but who'd particularly driven her crazy, and who was designed to play to her worst instincts. For Chidi, that meant literally his ex-girlfriend, who he loved at a certain moment in time. So it isn't necessarily someone's next-door neighbor or former teacher or whatever, where there’s an actual direct connection. They're just people whose personalities, profiles and/or life experiences are specifically designed to ruin the lives of one individual, who is part of the original crew."

Clearly, saving humanity isn't going to be easy, but with an expanded episode count of 14, including a one-hour finale, The Good Place has plenty of time to go out with an existential bang.