These Kentucky Derby Hat DIYs Will Get You In The Mood For A Mint Julep

Michael Reaves/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner, which means you need to get your white linen suit out, your mint julep cocktail glass ready, and your dollar bills for bets withdrawn. But even more exciting is the fashion involved during the big day — and you can actually DIY a Kentucky Derby hat instead of shelling out half of your paycheck for the floppy, showstopping accessory.

The hats are a huge part of the Kentucky Derby, where it has been a tradition for people to come to the parties and races wearing quirky, gargantuan, creative hats of all varying shapes and sizes, laden with flowers, bows, and ribbons. Think the Southern Belle look, just on steroids.

On any given year you can spot wide brim beach hats with long trailing ribbons and dinner-plate-sized blooms, or floppy hats decorated with clusters of feathers that make you think back to the giant hats of the aristocracy in the 1800s. There are also small fascinators, which are quirky hats that are small in size but big in personality, bringing a vintage and creative touch to an outfit. But the only problem with these hats is that if you buy them at the store they're super expensive. But lucky for us, they're relatively easy to DIY. Below are some great tutorials on how to pull off your own Kentucky Derby hat DIY. Happy crafting.

Beach Hat Transformation

Katyusha Diy on YouTube

If you have an old beach hat that you don't use anymore lying around, give it a new life by repurposing it into a Kentucky Derby hat. This video from Katyusha Diy teaches you how to create a Southern Belle masterpiece full of tulle, trailing ribbons, and sprigs of flowers with nothing more than a glue gun.

Feather Laden Hat

LauriePOP on YouTube

If you have four hours handy, then this LauriePOP DIY will be a showstopping way to show up to your Derby party. Using feathers instead of the go-to flower arrangements, she walks you through her tips, tricks, and don't-dos. And she offers a hot tip: If you can't find feathers in the color you want, just spray paint them! That's what she did and they turned out beautifully.

Kentucky Derby Fascinator

Fix This on YouTube

Floppy brims aren't the only hats on display at the Kentucky Derby. Another fan-favorite is the fascinator, which is a small hat fashioned into a quirky design. Appearing on the YouTube channel Fix This, Raquel Villanueva came onto the show to explain how to create one at home. Villanueva's hat was featured in New York Magazine in 2017, and she explained that while she was at the event everyone thought that she spent hundreds of dollars on her hat — but she actually just made it at home, for less than $30 and in just five minutes!

Jaunty Saucer Hat

TwisT fashion on YouTube

If you want your fascinator to be more of a saucer hat, this tutorial from TwisT Fashion is perfect. All you will need to do is buy a hat base online (which can be as cheap as $5,) and then use a needle and a thread to attach the headband, flowers, and ribbons.

Bow Fascinator

Southern Living on YouTube

If you're looking for a more understated hat, check out Southern Living's channel and follow their tutorial on how to create a bow fascinator with feathers. It looks elaborate, but it's surprisingly easy to pull off! And while it's eye-catching, the hat isn't as loud as all the other feather-and-flower laden beach hats that pop up on YouTube.

Derby Hat With Massive Blooms

RKCSouthern on YouTube

If you don't want to go for subtly this year, then RKCSouthern has the perfect tutorial for you. Featuring large peonies and roses, the floral bouquet spills over the rim to create an unforgettable creation.

Vintage Ivory Fascinator

EvieandEmily Johnson on YouTube

Skip the clusters of flowers and just wear one giant bloom on your head. While it takes a good bit of sewing, EvieandEmily Johnson will walk you through her tutorial and make the process easily attainable.

Floppy Feather Hat

CandyBombBeauty on YouTube

If you want more drama to your look this year, try out CandyBombBeauty's tutorial on how to add droopy, theatrical feathers to a wide brim hat. It took her about five minutes, but makes quite the statement.

Lily Shaped Fascinator

parkinfabrics on YouTube

Following the floral theme, DIY a fascinator that looks like a bouquet of lilies using parkinfabrics's tutorial. Not only will you have a bundle of flowers in your hair, but you can also accent this piece with feathers to help make it a little more festive and outlandish.

Flower Ribbon Hat

CandyBombBeauty on YouTube

Once you watch enough Kentucky Derby videos you begin to get the idea that it doesn't really matter how you decorate the hat, just as long as there are enough flowers, ribbons, and feathers in it. But sometimes there's a clever detail that you can't help but notice and want to replicate. In CandyBombBeauty's tutorial, that detail was the trailing flower sprigs that she used in lieu of a ribbon.

Flower Outline Fascinator

Carolyn Braden on YouTube

If you love the look of fascinators but want to take part in the floral theme at the Kentucky Derby, try creating an outline of a flower with ribbons and feathers. It will cost you less than $25, and Carolyn Braden will walk you through her easy tutorial.

Small Floral Fascinator

SabrinasCraftingClub on YouTube

If you want to clip a small bouquet of flowers into your hair, this tutorial from SabrinasCraftingClub will teach you how to pull it off. This is a perfect tutorial for people who don't want to have a massive hat, but just want to don a small accessory.

From big floppy hats to dainty bow-like fascinators, these are the perfect DIYs to get you Kentucky Derby ready.