Meghan Markle Used To Do Fashion Segments For 'The Today Show' & You Can Watch Them Here

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In case you didn't already know — which is unlikely — there's been a new royal engagement. Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry, and the world is excited to say the least. However, before she was a royal-to-be, she had an unexpected television gig. Meghan Markle's Today Show fashion segments have resurfaced now, and they prove that this hardworking woman can do everything.

Following the announcement of Prince Harry and Markle's engagement, the Today Show rewound their tapes and found footage of the actor and UN Advocate from the not-so-distant past when she appeared on the show's fashion segments. At the time, Markle was still starring on the USA Network's Suits and running her fashion and lifestyle blog The Tig. While Markle has since left Suits and her website closed in April 2017, her sense of fashion clearly hasn't gone anywere.

During her moments on the Today Show, Markle would join host Savannah Guthrie to give tips on everything from wearing runway looks on budget to seasonal fashion tips and trends. Now, of course, Markle has moved on from her gig as a fashionista on the morning show, but that doesn't mean she has stopped inspiring women's fashion choices.

During the first official photo call for the couple, Markle inspired women's winter looks without even saying a single word. After Kensington Palace announced Markle's engagement to Prince Harry, they pair had a photo call in the Sunken Garden. While many wanted to see Markle's ring — and it's certainly a site to see — fashion fans were obsessed with what she was wearing.

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During the appearance, Markle wore a coat from Canadian brand Line the Label. Once it was revealed where the coat was from, their website promptly crashed, and now, the coat is incredible hard to fine. The fashion choice didn't go unnoticed by Line the Label, either. The brand is officially renaming the coat 'The Meghan' in her honor. Thankfully, if you want to find a similar look to Markle's engagement coat, you do have options.

Of course there was more to her ensemble than the coat. Her accessories also spawned tons of internet traffic. According to WWD, the opal earrings Markle inspired a 50 percent increase in site traffic to the Birks website. Considering that they cost $780, people seriously had to love these beauties.

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Markle's coat isn't the only item that has seen an incredible rise in interest following her wear. According to Elle, the Strathberry tote she carried during she and Prince Harry's first outing in Nottingham sold out in 11 minutes. Considering that the bag retailed for almost $687, people seem to want to emulate Markle's style no matter the cost.

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Of course, Markle is not the first to experience this phenomenon. Duchess Kate Middleton's attire and accessories are also incredibly popular. Middleton's sartorial choices have been combed over and examined time and time again. Whether she's worn a dress twice or just worn a frock that's enviable, people love copping Middleton's style.

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Now, there's two women in the British royal family to watch. Whether it's simply admiring their fashion decisions or looking for ways to rock the same — or similar and more budget friendly — styles, there's more options to go around.

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While Markle may no longer be appearing on the Today Show's fashion segments, she's still got quite a foot in the door of the style world. While her style has been basically impeccable for some time now, more people than ever will be watching, but it's highly unlikely that Markle would disappoint. No matter if you love her looks or aren't that big of a fan, she's definitely moved on from the Today Show.