These Nymeria Reddit Theories Tease How The 'GoT' Favorite Could Return In Season 8

by Rebecca Patton
Screenshot via HBO

Back in the Game of Thrones pilot, each of the six Stark children were given a direwolf puppy when their mother was found killed in the forest outside Winterfell. Robb got Grey Wind, Jon named his Ghost, Sansa got Lady, Arya adopted Nymeria, Bran received Summer, and in a stroke of genius, Rickon named his Shaggydog. Much like the majority of the Stark family, most of the direwolves have died, except for Jon and Arya's. And while it's too soon to tell what will happen in the Battle of Winterfell — or the rest of the season, for that matter — there are some compelling Reddit theories about Nymeria.

In Season 7, Episode 2, "Stormborn," Arya came face-to-face with her old direwolf after she tragically shooed her away in Season 1. After being surrounded by wolves, Arya realized that the largest one and leader of the pack was her childhood pet. "I'm heading north, girl," she told Nymeria. "Back to Winterfell. I'm finally going home. Come with me." However, it became clear that Nymeria was no longer a domesticated animal, and while her expression softened, she turned away from Arya and left.

Still, the fact that there are two direwolves running around Westeros (and perhaps even more half-direwolves, if she's had any puppies) should not be taken lightly. After all, the residents of Winterfell will need every resource imaginable to protect themselves, and who could protect them better than their own sigil? Here are a few predictions as to how — or if — Nymeria will return in Game of Thrones Season 8.


Arya's Connection with Nymeria Could Save the Day

While it's never mentioned in the show, Arya has skinchanging abilities in the books and has warged into Nymeria in the past. Some fans hope that the direwolf returns to help her former owner out in the fight against the White Walkers. As Redditor gonetoblack wrote, "In the books Arya shows warging ability and there is a strong bond between the Stark kids and their direwolves. I’m hoping Nymeria will sense she's needed and bring her pack along to fight beside Arya in the battle."

This makes sense, since Nymeria's livelihood would also be in danger if the Night King succeeds.


Nymeria & Her Wolf Pack Will Help Defend Winterfell

Screenshot via HBO

Because Nymeria is a northern wolf and Winterfell is her home, user Dynasty2201 predicts that Arya will go up against the Night King and begin losing the fight, only for Nymeria to jump out of nowhere and save her former owner. The Redditor continues, saying, "Then Nymeria probably dies so that Arya can get away. And I'd also bet Nymeria brings her pack of normal wolves to fights [sic] as well." Hopefully the latter part proves not to be true, but it would be great to see Arya and her direwolf together again before it's all said and done.

Albedo101 echoed this in a comment under a separate thread, saying, "Direwolves are faster than wights and more resilient to cold than horses. Therefore they are valuable battle mounts, just like dragons. The Starks will need their wolves to GTFO from the North."


The Two Remaining Stark Direwolves Will Reunite

Though we haven't seen a whole lot of Ghost, he's still around. He hasn't seen his sister in several years, so it would be sweet to see the two animals reunite. After all, everyone else is getting their reunion, so why can't Ghost and Nymeria? As Jimblazin mentioned, "Imagine Ghost and Nymeria, the seperated [sic] at birth brother and sister, leading Nymerias pack into battle together. Personally think it could almost look cooler than the dragons."


Nymeria Won't Get Involved

On the flipside, it's clear that the direwolf is a wild animal now and perhaps won't get involved in what's not really her fight. As J2thK said, "I don't think we will see Nymeria. She had a good send off in S7. She's wild and free and leading her own pack."

Whether or not these Nymeria theories prove to be true or not, it's fun to speculate. But it would certainly be satisfying to see Arya's direwolf appear over the crest of the hill, like Gandalf with the Riders of Rohan in the The Two Towers, and race down to save the day.