These Post-‘Endgame’ Theories Predict Where The MCU Could Go Next

Marvel Studios

Major spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. Over the years, almost every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured a post-credits scene meant to whet the appetite for future films in the franchise. Endgame, however, doesn't give fans any such scene after its lengthy credits sequence, instead leaving audiences to have to wonder what lies ahead for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there aren't many clues to go off of, these post-Endgame MCU theories hint that the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot wider.

The key to most of the predictions regarding where the franchise will go from here doesn't actually have much to do with anything that has happened in the series so far, but instead something that has happened in the real world — namely, the Disney-Fox Merger. The MCU now has the rights to use the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, not to mention Deadpool. Between that and the coming premiere of the streaming service Disney+, as well as announcements that series featuring Hawkeye, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch and Vision, and Loki will be coming to the streaming service, there's a lot to look forward to... after you dry your Endgame tears.

Dark Avengers

While audiences have gotten to watching the heroes of the MCU team up time and time again, reddit user TMFriend10 suggests that it's time for the series' living villains to join forces. With people like Loki, Vulture, Justin Hammer, Yon-Rogg, Helmut Zemo, and Trevor Slattery around and alive (some of whom are only alive thanks to the time shenanigans of Endgame), it's possible that someone could try and form the MCU equivalent of the Dark Avengers, a supervillain squad working together to have uninterrupted control over the affairs of the world.

Wanda Is Going To Travel In Time To Find Vision

If Captain America can go back in time and live his life by Peggy Carter's side, what's to keep Wanda from going back and living with her beloved Vision? We know that Disney+ is planning a show about Wanda and Vision and that Avengers are willing to bend space and time to reunite with those they love — could Wanda be planning a rescue mission of her own?

There Will Be A New Thanos

There's only one Thanos (unless you're time traveling) but if Phase 4 wants to follow the same structure of Phases 1-3 and allow films to start teasing another massive crossover event, they'll need a new major villain. Now that they've got the rights to the worlds of Fantastic Four and X-Men, the MCU could include Galactus, Doctor Doom, or Apocalypse as a new Big Bad for the franchise.

While there are some teases that have yet to be followed through on, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 tease that Adam Warlock will appear in the franchise's future, and some storylines that Endgame sets up, such as the disappearances of lost-in-time Gamora and the Tesseract-wielding Loki, the passing of the Captain America title and shield to Falcon, and Thor's self-invitation to become a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, for the first time in a long time, fans of the MCU don't have many clues to follow as to where the franchise will go next, which should make the next few years of Marvel films especially exciting.