Scientists Are Sharing What Beauty Products They Use For Research & It's Actually Hilarious

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are a lot of really great Amazon reviews on the internet. Some are overly-excited while others are short, sweet, and to the point, but none are better than #ReviewForScience. As Teen Vogue found, the hashtag is used for scientists leaving unconventional reviews of beauty products that are absolutely hilarious. You'll never look at these everyday beauty items the same after you see how they're used.

People find beauty hacks for just about everything, but these scientists are banning together share tips like never before. The reviews show just how typical fashion and beauty items are being used in a way that makes them even better than you thought. If you're a scientist, that is. I'm talking everything from plaid shirts and panty hose to clear nail polish and Q-Tips.

"Great for sealing coverslips onto freshly stained slices of brain (and other cells/tissues)," Twitter user @brainsondrugs writes about OPI's clear nail polish.

Not exactly your everyday use, but it sure does seem like it will come in handy for scientist. Especially since the tweet got 282 favorites.

Each of the #ReviewsForScience comes with an Amazon product photo, explanation, and even a starred rating on Twitter. Other scientists have been commenting back and forth about uses, too. But whether you're into biology or not, you will definitely get a kick out of the reviews.

Remember when the fashion world went crazy over the Ikea bag being made into a ton of different items? Well, this is like that, but so much better. This Twitter user is seen weighing swans with one and calls it a "swan jacket."

Sure, clear nail polish is great for sealing on your color. But have you ever thought about using them for your microscope slides? Probably not, but apparently this scientist has, and 86 people are thanking her for the tips.

Need to store some bats? Skip the containers and opt for this plaid button-up instead. I'm not exactly sure how this one works, but I'll take the scientist's word for it. Just make sure to look out for the pesky biting flies.

Need an easier way to pick up those poisonous caterpillars? Well, apparently Tweezerman is here to help. Although the Twitter did only give it a four star rating because of the color selection. Come on, Tweezerman, give the scientist the shades they need!

I have never met a soul who genuinely enjoys wearing panty hose, but apparently they work really great protecting equipment under water. I see a whole lot of fashion experiments in the future.

Because who isn't trying to get that darn snake musk out of their clothing? Am I right? All jokes aside, I will be testing this out as a bug repellent though.

Finally, a way to clear kangaroo teeth!

You'll never look at your downward dog the same way after hearing that yoga mats are being used as fish surgery table covers. Namaste.

Want to get your crabs to run on a treadmill without cooking them? It's the BaByliss Hair Dryer to the rescue. Also, I'd like to know how to get tickets to view this crab on a treadmill. Asking for a friend.

Apparently KY Jelly is really good for suspending dissected insect genitalia. Good luck getting it on while using this product every again.

Also, you can take them home with you at the end of the night.

Pro tip: Buying in bulk is very awkward, but Vaseline apparently works very well when using microscopes.

This last one is just too good not to include. Apparently even mosquitos need a little dimmed light to get it on, too.

Who knew science and beauty could go hand-in-hand so well.