All Of The Signs That Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Are Back Together

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Are things totally back on for one of Hollywood's hottest couples? It very well may be the case, thanks to some telling clues from the pair in question, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd. One recent sign, as ELLE UK noted, may indicate that they're dating again after breaking up in November 2016. But, what are some of the other signs that point to a possible relationship reunion between them?

Ever since Hadid and The Weeknd, who's real name is Abel Tasfaye, were spotted together at Coachella in April, per E! News, the romance rumors have ramped up. Yet, even though they were seen getting close at the event, neither of them has opened up about the rumors or their relationship status (minus one particularly cheeky response from the model).

While they have not directly commented on their relationship (Bustle previously reached out to their reps for comment, but did not receive a response), according to a February report from Us Weekly, a reunion between Hadid and The Weeknd is basically inevitable. A source told the publication, "It’s only a matter of time that they get back together," and continued, "That has definitely not been ruled out.” Could it be that they have gotten back together recently (since it was apparently so very inevitable)? These clues could shed some light on the situation.

The Case Of The Perfect Manicure

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As previously mentioned, a report from ELLE UK details a possible, fun connection between Hadid and The Weeknd. On the singer's Instagram story, he posted a photo of a woman holding a sugar packet with "Sugar Daddy" written on it. While the woman's face isn't visible in the shot, her nails clearly are. As the publication pointed out, the model appeared to have been sporting a manicure incredible similar to the one seen in the pic, based on her own Instagram photo posted around the same time.

Neither Hadid nor The Weeknd have yet to post an "Instagram official" photo featuring their rumored significant other. So, if they are indeed spending more time together, as the ELLE UK report suggests with this photographic evidence, it could be a sign that the couple's back on.

Will You Accept The Weeknd's Rose?

Does Hadid just have a fondness for the Bachelor-approved symbol of love?Maybe. Or, it could be that she received the gift from her own leading man recently. On June 1, she posted a photo of herself clowning around with a couple of roses. As fan account abelxbella pointed out on Instagram, the "Starboy" singer was spotted carrying roses while he took a stroll with his rumored significant other in Paris.

You can give your good friend a rose in a totally platonic way. But, it's more likely that it was a sweet gift that The Weeknd gave his on-again girlfriend.

Fashion Show Fun (Between Friends?)

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On May 13, Hollywood Life reported that The Weeknd supported Hadid at a fashion show in Cannes. Now, it could be that he was there to support her because they're still on good terms. But, given all of the other evidence about their possible reunion, it's likely that his appearance at the event was another sign that they're back on.

A Cannes Romance

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It appears that the young couple really had a great time in Cannes, as they were also spotted together on a separate occasion during the film festival. According to the L.A. Times, Hadid and The Weeknd were "openly affectionate" with each other and "kissed intermittently" during their time at the party for Alexander Wang's campaign with the Magnum ice cream brand. Yep, this report is a pretty big sign that they may be back on.

Gettin' Cozy At Coachella

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Their Coachella appearance is what really kicked off all of these reunion rumors. According to E! News, the two were seen kissing at an after party at the music festival. A source also told the publication that they've been "secretly seeing each other recently" but that their Coachella outing was their first public one.

This may seem like great evidence that they're dating once again. But, Hadid did deny that it was her in an Instagram comment. Although... she used some silly emojis to make her point. She responded to E! News' Instagram about their report with, "it wasn't me" and included a shrugging emoji and one featuring a detective. So, it could be that she's having a bit of fun with all of the rumors.

While these might be signs that Hadid and The Weeknd are back together, there's really no way to know how official things are for sure until they clarify things themselves.