Feel The Force With These Star Wars Custom Design Codes For 'Animal Crossing'

Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

May the 4th be with you and your island neighbours, as thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can celebrate Star Wars Day in true paradise. The game hasn't been out for that long, but boy have players created a detailed catalog of creations, including these Star Wars Animal Crossing custom design codes.

Whether you've already decked our island flag out with a judgy Baby Yoda or changed your island tune to one of the many tracks composed by John Williams, it's pretty easy to add a little Star Wars flair to your island without compromising on work you've already put into it. Little references here and there are all that's needed to feel some Jedi vibes, from iconic outfits and familiar scenes to adorable little sand drawings on your beach.

So here's some of the best Star Wars custom designs available on Animal Crossing, and thankfully not in a galaxy far, far away.

Baby Yoda Jacket

This rad design by @Plaidpinapples is the perfect way to rep Baby Yoda in style.

Creator ID: MA-5858-7539-9901

Padme & Leia

Want to unleash your inner Padme or Leia? These outfit recreations by @kierqe are absolutely stunning.

Creator ID: MA-3341-3427-0800

Iconic Characters

Creator ID: MA-4097-3103-0491

Creator ID: MA-1951-1873-4005

If you don't want to stick to just two iconic character, creator Ralph- (via @StarWarsAC) and @AHorizonsgirl have got you covered.

Endor, Hoth & Lightsabers

Whether you're after an uber detailed flag or painting, @xforcing has masterfully captured some of the Star Wars universe's most iconic landscapes. Not only that, but they've also created these amazing lightsaber designs.

Creator ID: MA-6613-2176-9111

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda holding a cup of soup has become a major icon of the 21st century, and now you can have it as a pattern or a gown courtesy of creator Gia (via @ofwgkalani)

Creator ID: MA-0477-4214-6210

R2-D2 Phone Cover

Nookmiles gives you an abundance of DIY options, including customisation for your phone cover, which @MrMarkZamora has made the most out of with this R2-D2 design.

Creator ID: MA-5870-1020-9420

Sand Art

Anakin may not be too fond of sand, but these lil drawings by @maria_emme would deffo change his mind.

Creator ID: MA-6984-7517-3858