These Ugly Disney Christmas Sweaters Are A Must For Holiday Parties

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What says holiday spirit more than a dancing, singing crab? Perhaps a sassy genie wanting to help make all of your dreams come true? Sure, you may not naturally equate Disney with the holiday season, but I think it's time you start — and I think these Christmas sweaters should help. These Disney Christmas sweaters (or "jumpers" if you want to be all British about it) from Merchoid feature some of your favorite Disney characters but in that chunky, Bridget Jones-style knit. There are a whole load of Disney options, from The Little Mermaid to The Nightmare Before Christmas to The Lion King and more.

It's a downright spectacle of knitted holiday wonders. They don't come cheap — expect to drop over 50 bucks, which I have to say is a little steep for what I would call a mostly novelty item. But they do look warm and cozy, so this may be your chance to shoot your shot.

Plus, for many, it's never too early to start donning a little bit of holiday spirit — especially with the clocks going back and days getting a little colder and more miserable. Although I should note that some of the options, like The Nightmare Before Christmas sweater, are currently only on pre-order. But it's due to ship on Nov. 8, so you'll have it in plenty of time for any holiday merriment that you might need. Disney is maybe the only thing that can make the holidays even more wholesome, so I'm really ready to get on board.

Also, I know it's not Disney but they do have a Winter Is Coming knitted jumper in the same style and I want it to be in my stocking but also on my body right now. Just saying, if you're so inclined you can pivot from Disney to Game of Thrones and live your best life that way. There are also Black Panther, Captain America, Harry Potter styles and more. Basically, any franchise you could want seems to have been turned into an ugly-cute holiday masterpiece. I'm torn between being a Stark and being a Genie, so this is a little bit of an identity crisis for me.

Of course, ugly holiday sweaters are something of a rite of passage this time of year. In fact, you can even get your wine bottle in on the action with an ugly sweater for your wine bottle, an actual thing that they're offering at Aldi. But they're not the only way to show a little bit of spirit. You can jump into the wonderful world of adult advent calendars — wine advent calendar, anyone? Or you can cover your home in Jack Skellington lights that will take you from October straight through until New Years.

No matter how you want to show your holiday spirit — or what form that holiday spirit takes — it's important to have a little fun with it. And there's no denying that Disney holiday sweaters give off a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings, with so much holiday wholesomeness packed into one place. But one thing is for sure — if you want to have a marathon of holiday movies and Disney movies, these are a perfect fit.

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