You Can Buy Jack Skellington Lights To Leave Up From Halloween Through Christmas

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Jack Skellington Christmas Halloween Light.
Hot Topic
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How do you celebrate Halloween? Some of us just like to binge eat every bag of candy we can get our hands on (me), but I know a lot of people who love to throw a good old Halloween party. Well, if you fall into the latter category, then this is going to be your new favorite piece of party decoration. You can now get The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington String Lights from Hot Topic. Featuring Jack Skellington, the The Nightmare Before Christmas hero, all dressed up in a Santa hat, these lights can do double duty over the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

"Is this Halloween... or Christmas? Get festive for both holidays with this set of string lights from The Nightmare Before Christmas," the description reads. "The set features Jack Skellington's head with Santa's hat and beard, or simply, Sandy Claws."

The whole string runs about three feet long and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use — so no matter where you want to celebrate your Halloween and Christmas mashup, you'll be able to let it shine little Skellington heads. They're the right mixture of cute and creepy that is sure to put a smile on the face of any big fans of the movie.

At just under 25 bucks, the lights certainly aren't cheap — but they're also something you could use year after year if you always throw Halloween parties. Plus, the big Jack heads means it'll be a lot harder to get these all tangled up than your average Christmas lights, so that's a definite win.

If you're a Jack Skellington fan — or just a The Nightmare Before Christmas fanatic —  there is no shortage of ways for you to show your love for the cult classic film. This time of year, The Nightmare Before Christmas is everywhere. In every form, in every shape, in every accessory — if you want it, it's there.

First, there was the full The Nightmare Before Christmas collection at Hot Topic. I have to say, even as a fan of the movie, there's a lot happening in this collection — I can't imagine anyone needing a slow cooker themed to match the movie, but they have one if that is indeed your need. You can also get a Nightmare Before Christmas rose bouquet, if you think that there's nothing more romantic than the undead, and even a Build-a-Bear of your favorite characters. Oh, and because advent calendars are all the rage this year, there is of course a The Nightmare Before Christmas sock advent calendar to help you stay cozy through those long Halloween-Christmas nights. Seriously, it is a The Nightmare Before Christmas kind of year for sure.

If you're someone who spends all year counting down to Halloween, then as soon as October breaks is your time to shine. If you've got a party in mind, then it's easy to see that The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Santa Hat String Lights could be the perfect decor to help make your party achieve its full, creepy potential. Now you just have to get your karaoke playlist loaded up with "Jack's Lament" and your party can really get started.

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