These Unicorn Milkshakes Are What Dreams Are Made Of

by Megan Grant

Close your eyes and escape to a place far away — a place filled with unicorns, rainbows, hearts, and bursts of color. If you did this right, you probably ended up at the home of these Instagram-worthy unicorn milkshakes: Caked LA. Straight out of our dreams, Caked LA's fantastical treats have taken over social media and totally won our hearts; in fact, they're so visually stunning that I really hope people don't actually eat them. They're too pretty to be eaten. Take your photos and then leave them be.

The milkshakes are made with not one, not two, but three giant scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, whole milk, blended with colorful dye, and decorated to look something like the inside of a '90s kid's Lisa Frank birthday party. The unicorn milkshake was born out of the kitchen of the boss of Caked LA, inspired by his 5-year-old daughter, who loves anything rainbow. The child was clearly on to something, because, well, look at them.

Caked LA already had a strong following on social media prior to the arrival of these bright and cheery ice cream creations, thanks to their cotton candy clouds, cream mills, and colorful drinks (and now I'm hungry); the unicorn milkshakes, however, have skyrocketed them to new heights. This is not your average dairy beverage-dessert, people. Behold: The unicorn milkshake.

Here's how they're made:

The newly internet-famous cafe and bakery just celebrated their grand opening on April 8, and they're already making headlines. According to their website, they strive to serve the freshest hand dripped coffee and handmade pastries (and milkshakes!) to the local community. The stale croissants I usually buy at a nearby grocery store suddenly aren't looking so appetizing.

Unicorns have been having a moment in the spotlight lately, with unicorn noodles, unicorn tears (don't ask — it's alcohol), unicorn hair dye, and unicorn eyeliner. Now, Caked LA has hopped on the trendy unicorn train with this mouth-watering masterpiece, and we can't get enough.

If you happen to be on the West Coast, stop by for your caffeine fix and a colorful snack.