PSA: Unicorn Chocolate Is A Real Thing Now

BRB, my guitar is gently weeping, for I have just discovered the majesty of Ritter's unicorn chocolate bar — a real thing that actually exists and may actually turn you into a mermaid when you eat it (OK, this is wild speculation that sources have yet to confirm, but let me have this). Ritter Sport, the chocolate bar company you are constantly shoving items from into your cart in the checkout aisle of the bodega, is releasing the unicorn chocolate bar in limited edition. It is a "white chocolate with a yogurt and raspberry-cassis rainbow," which basically just made my taste buds start dancing while I typed it.

But just like the wizened forest witch once warned us, all magic comes with a price — and the price of this is that most of us will never get to taste the magic of this specific rainbow. There are allegedly only 50 of these bars in existence, and they're only being distributed in the UK. Ritter Spork UK has been sharing images on their Instagram page that seem to indicate these 50 bars have already gone out to different publications and social influencers, so if you don't have one now, you may never. And as someone whose self-professed favorite color is glitter, this has basically sent me into a tailspin of emotions that can really only be solved by going to the store and taking a bunch of Ritter Sport bars to the face (CORNFLAKE AND BUTTER BISCUIT FOR THE WIN).

Bustle has reached out to Ritter to determine whether or not they will consider a limited edition release so that the rest of us can blow our Muggle minds with its magic, and will update this post upon hearing back. In the meantime, if you still want to live that #UnicornLife, here are some ways you can still ride the rainbow:

Use Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Created by the company Unicorn Lashes, these dream brushes hit the market in October, making everyone's makeup routines a little more ~magical~.

Visit A Unicorn Café

If you've got it in you to head to Bangkok, then you'll have to sample the entire magical-themed menu at the Unicorn Café, which boasts pastel foods in every color.

Drink Unicorn Tears (?)

I mean, this is grim AF in theory, but I'm assuming no actual unicorns were harmed in the creation of the Unicorn Tears gin liqueur — but that doesn't mean it'll make you feel any less like Voldemort chasing it down.

In any case, cross all your fingers and wish on all the stars and throw some glitter over your shoulder for good luck — and maybe unicorn chocolate will reach us across the pond after all!

Images: Courtesy of Brands